Lorelai Amborn ?27

    Lorelai Amborn ’27

    Majors: Musical Theatre

    Minors: Secondary Education

    Hometown: Kenosha, WI

    “Carthage has 100 percent lived up to my high expectations and given me so many outlets to perform and watch my peers.”

    Alexyn Cervantes

    Alexyn Cervantes ’25

    Majors: Elementary Education

    Minors: Psychology and Women & Gender Studies

    Hometown: Janesville, Wis.

    “I chose Carthage because one of my best friends attends Carthage, and he highly recommended both the education and theatre departments to me. The lake is a big bonus too.”

    Kiannah Hayes

    Kiannah Hayes ’25

    Majors: Social Science

    Minors: Sociology & Secondary Education

    Hometown: Wheeling, Illinois

    “I chose Carthage College because of the eagerness our professors and staff have to ensure students like me are successful.”

    Eva Menzia ?25

    Eva Menzia ’25

    Majors: Special Education and Elementary Education

    Minors: Studio Art

    Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    “Education majors have the power to create a better future for many people. We have the ability to help create an educated society, which is how all other future endeavors begin.”

    Madison Payne

    Madison Payne ’26

    Majors: History and Special Education

    Minors: Secondary Education

    Hometown: Mount Prospect, Ill.

    “Having positive relationships with the faculty here has helped me to create more opportunities for myself at Carthage, and it’s great knowing that I can reach out to any past or present professors if I need help.”

    Aubrey Schoeneman

    Aubrey Schoeneman ’24

    Majors: Elementary Education and Cross-Categorical Special Education

    Hometown: Mercer, Wisconsin

    “Carthage gave me a family feel from the moment I stepped on campus. I’ve known from the beginning that I’m much more than just a number here.”

    Kelly Sibert

    Kelly Sibert ’25

    Majors: Elementary Education and Teaching

    Minors: Psychology

    Hometown: Lake Zurich, IL

    “Other students should consider elementary education because it is arguably one of the most influential majors. Teachers are the ones who inspire students to take their desired life path and are their number one cheerleaders throughout that entire process.”