Carthage offers a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Engineering and is developing a Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree with an expected enrollment of Fall 2023.

To earn the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Engineering, students must complete the Carthage Core requirements, the core courses required for the degree, and electives to 130 total credits.

The Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Engineering is comprised of 60 credits.

Students seeking to earn a B.A. with a major in engineering may optionally select an emphasis area to focus their B.A. in engineering. Emphasis areas do not appear on students’ transcripts and are courses taken beyond the requirements of a B.A. degree with a major in engineering. Emphasis areas provide students with an opportunity to gain focused interdisciplinary studies in one or more programs or majors. In consultation with advisors, students should consider their professional goals when exploring and identifying emphasis areas. Selection of an emphasis area typically occurs following the completion of the Engineering Practice I and II course sequence.

Math and Science Core Requirements

  • EGR 1020 Computational Reasoning with MATLAB (2 credits)
  • MTH 1120 Calculus I (4 credits)
  • MTH 1220 Calculus II (4 credits)
  • MTH 2120 Multivariate Calculus (4 credits)
  • MTH 2020 Differential Equations or MTH 3050 Statistics (4 credits)
  • PHY 2200 General Physics I (4 credits)
  • PHY 2210 General Physics II (4 credits)
  • CHM 1010 General Chemistry I or BIO 1110 Biology I (4 credits)

Engineering Core Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Engineering

  • EGR 1100 Introduction to Engineering Design (4 credits)
  • EGR 1200 Visualization & Modeling or EGR 1300 Managing Engineering Ventures (2 credits)
  • EGR 2700 Engineering Practice I (4 credits)
  • EGR 2710 Engineering Practice II (4 credits)
  • EGR 2100 Statics and Solid Mechanics (4 credits)
  • EGR 4900 Senior Capstone Project (4 credits)
  • EGR 4990 Senior Capstone Completion (0 credits)
  • At least 8 EGR credits at 3000-level or above

*Students must achieve a final grade of C- or better in all Engineering Core classes

Optional Emphasis Areas

Sciences Emphasis

An emphasis on the sciences teaches students the theoretical underpinnings of engineering science concepts.

Physics Emphasis

  • PHY 3100 Optics & Waves (4 credits)
  • PHY 4200 Quantum Mechanics (4 credits)
  • PHY 3300 Thermodynamics (4 credits)
  • PHY 3450 Data Analysis or PHY 3470 Math Methods (4 credits)
Theatre Arts

An emphasis on the theater arts would position students to explore opportunities in areas related to stage, costume, build environment, wearables technology, and textiles.

Stage Craft Emphasis

  • THR 2910 Stagecrafts (4 credits)
  • THR 4600 Scenic Design (4 credits)
  • THR 2390 Theatrical Lighting and Sound (4 credits)
  • THR 2600 Theatrical Drafting Methods (4 credits)

Costume Design Emphasis

  • THR 2920 Costume Technology (4 credits)
  • THR 2960 Draping and Patternmaking (2 credits)
  • THR 2950 Advanced Makeup Techniques (2 credits)
  • THR 3610 History of Clothing: Ancient Egypt to Modern (4 credits)
  • THR 4610 Costume Design (4 credits)
Management & Marketing Emphasis

An emphasis on management and marketing would give students skills for opportunities related to technical sales, applications engineering, quality assurance, and market research.

  • BUS 1110 Introduction to Business (4 credits)

Following completion of BUS 1110, select one focus area:

Business Operations Focus

  • ECN 1010 Principles of Microeconomics (4 credits)
  • MGT 3120 Principles of Management (4 credits)
  • MGT 3300 Operations Management (4 credits)

Sales & Applications Focus

  • MKT 3230 Personal Selling and Sales Management (4 credits)
  • MKT 400D Advanced Professional Selling (4 credits)
  • MKT 4220 Business to Business Marketing (4 credits)
Biomedical Emphasis

This emphasis will position students for entry into biomedical-related employment or graduate opportunities.

Biomedical Emphasis

  • BIO 3300 Human Anatomy (4 credits)
  • BIO 3310 Human Physiology (4 credits)
  • AHS 1020 Introduction to Healthcare Professionals (4 credits)
  • AHS 3080 Structural Kinesiology or BIO 3340 Microbiology (4 credits)
Environmental Science Emphasis

This emphasis will position students for entry into environmental science-related employment or graduate opportunities.

Environmental Science Emphasis

  • CHM 1020 General Chemistry II (4 credits)
  • CHM 2010 Environmental Chemistry (4 credits)
  • ENV 2610 Case Studies in Environmental Science (4 credits)
  • GEO 3800 Soil Science or GEO 3200 Hydrology (4 credits)

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Current students: You should follow the official College Catalog from the year you entered Carthage and work with your advisors and the department chair to ensure all requirements are met.