Students enrolled in the Carthage engineering program are expected to have access to a laptop computer capable of running computer aided design and other computational software (e.g., AutoCAD, SolidWorks, MATLAB). Through this Engineering Computer Program, Carthage provides engineering students a laptop computer appropriate to meet the computational needs of the engineering programs (BS and BA in Engineering) for the duration of a students’ engineering studies.

Specifications for student computers follow:

  • Operating system: 64-bit Microsoft® Windows® 11 and Windows 10
  • CPU recommended: 3.0 GHz or greater, 4 or more cores
  • Minimum: 2.5 GHz or greater
  • Memory recommended: 32 GB RAM or more
  • Disk space: 40 GB
  • Graphics: 4 GB GPU with 106 GB/S Bandwidth and DirectX 11 compliant
  • Display resolution recommended: 3840 x 2160 (4K)

Student-issued computers are the responsibility of students and remain with students over academic breaks. Computer check-out and management occurs through the Hedberg Library, and all computer maintenance and warranty work are organized through the Library and Information Services. Student-issued computers have service contracts managed by Carthage. Should an issue arise with an issued computer, students will work with the Hedberg Library and Library and Information Services for support and either a temporary or permanent replacement will be provided as appropriate. The Engineering Computer Program is supported in part by the engineering computing fee.

Engineering Computing Fee

The Carthage engineering program has a required computing fee: $250/semester for eight semesters. This computing fee covers issuance of a laptop computer to each student with specifications appropriate for engineering software. Fall semester fees cover fall semester and J-Term; spring semester fees cover spring semester and summer. Students enrolled in the engineering program will be assessed a computer fee each of eight semesters, and at the conclusion of eight semesters, ownership of computers will be transferred to the engineering students. Exceptions to the engineering computing fee may be granted by the provost in consultation with the division dean and engineering director.

Opting out of the Engineering Computer Program

Students may once choose to opt-out of the Engineering Computer Program. Choosing to opt out of the Engineering Computer Program opts the student out of the engineering computing fee. Students may not opt back into the Engineering Computer Program once deciding to opt out.

By choosing to opt out of the Engineering Computer Program, the student agrees to obtain and maintain their own laptop computer with specifications appropriate for engineering computing requirements (above). The student agrees to be responsible for software installation, computer maintenance, and warranty work, and Carthage may not be able to provide the student with an alternative computer should the student provided computer have maintenance issues or be incompatible with engineering computing requirements.