Ava Serfling Bennett ?24

    Ava Serfling Bennett

    Majors: English and History

    Hometown: Harrisburg, South Dakota

    “The students who go to Carthage are driven, intelligent, and hard working. If you want friends and peers who push you to be the best, this is the best place to be!”

    Ian Brown ?23

    Ian Alexander Brown

    Majors: English with Creative Writing Emphasis

    Minors: Communication

    Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    “The faculty members in the English Department have been a huge help every step of my Carthage career. They want nothing more than to help each and every English major succeed.”

    Andrew Colletti ?22

    Andrew Colletti

    Majors: English with Creative Writing Emphasis

    Minors: Studio Art

    Hometown: Salem, Wisconsin

    “Follow what gets you excited. The world needs people who are enthusiastic. So long as you are doing the things you love, everything else will fall into place.”

    Karlee De Jesus ?24

    Karlee De Jesus

    Majors: English with Creative Writing Emphasis and History

    Hometown: Kenosha, Wisconsin

    “I have enjoyed so many classes here — History of the Caribbean, Native American Literature, Greek Religion, Creative Writing, and Politics in Film are all amazing courses.”

    Zoey Kurka

    Zoey Kurka

    Majors: English and Psychology

    Minors: Music

    Hometown: Arlington Heights, Illinois

    “The Carthage faculty are amazing. My professors taught me so much and inspired me to enjoy the work I do in the classroom. The encouragement I’ve received from them has been one of my greatest helpers at college.”

    Sugeli Mai ?22

    Sugeli Mai

    Majors: English

    Hometown: Waukegan, Illinois

    “My favorite class at Carthage so far would have to be Creative Writing. This class was just so amazing. My professor allowed us students the freedom to create any piece of writing we wanted.”

    Sophia Rogney

    Majors: Women and Gender Studies, English with Creative Writing Emphasis

    Hometown: Excelsior, Wis.

    “My favorite class at Carthage so far has been Literature and Gender, taught by Prof. Brennan. I loved the class so much because of the topics we covered: identity, sexual orientation, race, gender, consent, etc.”