Haley Aichholzer

    Haley Aichholzer

    Majors: English

    Minors: Secondary Education

    Hometown: Morton Grove, Illinois

    “Carthage welcomed me with open arms and created an environment in which I felt safe, empowered, and cared about.”

    Daniela Avilez ?21

    Daniela Avilez

    Majors: English

    Minors: Studio Art

    Hometown: Cary, IL

    “If this is something you love, do it, it’s not always good to be practical all the time.”

    Joe Hansen

    Majors: English and Music

    Minors: Classical Studies

    Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska

    “Each professor teaches their classes a little different, and they are constantly revising their curriculum, so you’ll get a variety of views on the same subject.”

    Caleb Hays

    Majors: English and Public Relations

    Hometown: Colfax, Illinois

    “My biggest surprise is the number of relationships I’ve made with not only teachers but other students while at Carthage. I’ve never felt excluded or lonely while at Carthage, which was certainly a big worry for me going into my freshman year.”

    Synclaire Lunardi

    Majors: English, Communication

    Minors: Theatre

    Hometown: Bettendorf, Iowa

    “The professors truly love what they teach, and they are actively rooting for you to succeed. They are so helpful and willing to work with you to make sure you understand the material.”

    Kathryn Milschewski

    Majors: English

    Minors: Secondary Education

    Hometown: Carol Stream, Illinois

    “I am definitely surprised by the things I have been able to accomplish and the opportunities I was able to participate in. Every college tells you that they provide great opportunities, but Carthage delivers. I have been able to take great internships, travel, and play sports all while studying here at school.”

    Miranda Paikowski

    Majors: English, French

    Minors: Dance, Studio Art

    Hometown: West Bend, Wisconsin

    “My biggest surprise so far at Carthage has been the extent of opportunities available to students. I have traveled to the Caribbean, attended a dance conference in Minnesota, and choreographed a piece for the student dance show. I feel so grateful for all of these opportunities and am enthusiastic to experience even more.”

    Sophia Rogney

    Majors: Women and Gender Studies, English with Creative Writing Emphasis

    Hometown: Excelsior, Wis.

    “Relationships with my professors have without a doubt helped me to succeed. Going to a small school creates the opportunity for one-on-one work that a big school doesn’t provide.”