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Students in the Environmental Science Program at Carthage focus on the study of the problems that arise when human beings interact with physical and natural environment.


  • Environmental Science


  • Conservation and Ecology
  • Environmental Policy Analysis
  • Water and Life

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The program seeks to train natural scientists who can function in the world of policy, and policy analysts who can shape the natural world.

Choose Your Focus

Students majoring in environmental science at Carthage may specialize in one of three tracks:

  • Conservation and Ecology
  • Environmental Policy Analysis
  • Water and Life

Because of the program’s interdisciplinary nature, it is easy to combine a major in environmental science with a second major in one of the core disciplines of the program, such as biology or geospatial science.

Why study environmental science at Carthage?

Interdisciplinary Focus

Students take courses that integrate biology, chemistry, economics, geospatial science, and political science. As a result, they learn how to approach complex problems using methodologies and philosophies from multiple disciplines. The program graduates students who are well-versed in both the science and politics of environmental issues.

Hands-on Learning

Student collecting samples from the Pike River. Students in all tracks have many opportunities to conduct research, both independently and guided by faculty. The program emphasizes hands-on learning and community service. Students work in regional study sites that include prairies, forests, bogs, and wetlands. The Carthage campus is itself an arboretum and wildlife sanctuary, divided by the Pike River.

Carthage’s Invasive Species Working Group gives students an opportunity to monitor invasive species in southeast Wisconsin, led by professors Tracy Gartner and Scott Hegrenes. Students also serve the community through programs like the Prairie Restoration course, in which students work with a local nature center and high school to positively impact the environment and further environmental education.