Grace Condit

    Grace Condit ’24

    Majors: Environmental Science and Geographic Information Science

    Hometown: Putnam, IL

    “My biggest piece of advice is to stay open-minded and put yourself out there. You never know what opportunities could arise.”

    Mary Gargano-Price

    Mary Gargano-Price ’23

    Majors: Environmental Sciences (Conservation)

    Minors: Biology, Geospatial Sciences, English

    Hometown: Carol Stream, Ill.

    “Earth sciences, in general, is a growing field of opportunity and pragmatism. So much of our world depends on our ability to conserve and create sustainable lifestyles, making what we do crucial for future generations.”

    Julia Peters

    Julia Peters ’24

    Majors: Environmental Science

    Minors: Social Justice

    Hometown: Kenosha, Wisconsin

    “My favorite class has to be Social Welfare Policy Analysis with Professor Danielle Jarvis. The course gave me a whole new perspective on some of the issues in our society, including environmental justice.”

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    MaryHelen Prince ’24

    Majors: Environmental Science

    Minors: Social Justice and Studio Art

    Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan

    “Environmental science is perfect for people who want to learn from hands-on experience. The labs we do are unlike any other major. One day, you’re waist-deep in a river; the next, you’re walking around gathering mushrooms.”