Ava Beyers ?25

    Ava Beyers ’25

    Majors: Environmental Science, Geoscience

    Minors: Biology

    Hometown: Walworth, Wisconsin

    “I chose Carthage for the small class sizes and the student-to-faculty ratio.”

    Grace Condit

    Grace Condit ’24

    Majors: Environmental Science and Geographic Information Science

    Hometown: Putnam, IL

    “Both environmental science and GIS are so important in the future of our world — especially when you put the two together! Each major is extremely applicable to the real world and provides you with the freedom and stability to turn your passion into a career!”

    Aiden Farkas

    Aiden Farkas ’26

    Majors: Environmental Science and Japanese

    Hometown: Santa Rosa, California

    “My major advisors have been very helpful and considerate in recommending courses that will allow me to graduate on time with both majors.”

    Julia Peters

    Julia Peters ’24

    Majors: Environmental Science

    Minors: Social Justice

    Hometown: Kenosha, Wisconsin

    “Students should consider environmental science as a major because of the growing environmental problems that are becoming more and more serious every day. If we want to see a bright and healthy future for humans, we need to address these issues.”

    For MaryHelen Prince?s student voices profile

    MaryHelen Prince ’24

    Majors: Environmental Science

    Minors: Social Justice and Studio Art

    Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan

    “Environmental science is perfect for people who want to learn from hands-on experience. The labs we do are unlike any other major. One day, you’re waist-deep in a river; the next, you’re walking around gathering mushrooms.”