Laura de Rosales ?20

    Laura de Rosales

    Class Year: ’20

    Majors: Exercise and Sport Science with Physical Education Concentration

    Current Hometown: Andover, Massachusetts


    Graduate Fellow for Women’s Volleyball and Graduate Student in Master’s of Exercise Science Program at Merrimack College

    “I’ve been able to coach athletes and learn so much about them, myself, the game of volleyball, and student-athlete development.”

    Chris Krepline ?09

    Chris Krepline

    Class Year: ’09

    Majors: Exercise and Sport Science

    Current Hometown: Kimberly, Wisconsin


    Head Baseball Coach at Lawrence University and Field Manager for the Green Bay Rockers

    “My Carthage experience allowed me to learn from great professors who helped me create my teaching and coaching philosophies.”

    Tyler Prochnow ?14

    Tyler Prochnow

    Class Year: ’14

    Majors: Exercise and Sport Science

    Current Hometown: Waco, Texas


    Research assistant and doctorate student at Baylor University

    “Look for and use the opportunities you have. Get experience and push your comfort zone early.”

    Gracie Sanchez ?16, M.Ed. ?19

    Gracie Sanchez

    Class Year: ’16, M.Ed. ’19

    Majors: Exercise and Sport Science, Master of Education

    Current Hometown: Chicago, Illinois


    Customer Success Manager at Transfr

    “I loved the idea of being close to home and having small class sizes.”

    Rachel Walecki ?21

    Rachel Walecki

    Class Year: ’21

    Majors: PE Sport & Fitness


    Physical education teacher at Kenosha Unified School District

    “The skills I have learned at Carthage are what shaped me into a well-rounded being. Having to take many different classes allowed me to learn different skills and see life from a different point of view. The hands-on learning at Carthage helped prepare me for real-world situations.”