Jillian Arbeiter ?23

    Jillian Arbeiter ’23

    Majors: Management, Marketing, and Finance

    Minors: Spanish

    Hometown: Germantown, Wisconsin

    “So many changes occurred in my college career that were both for the better and unexpected. Having the courage to be open-minded and accept change or a track that I hadn’t planned out in my head took my experience to the next level.”

    Rosemary Ehle 24

    Rosemary Ehle ’24

    Majors: Accounting, Finance

    Minors: Spanish

    Hometown: Two Rivers, Wis.

    “When I learned about the J-Term study tours here at Carthage, I knew it was something I could not pass up. The opportunities to travel during J-Term showed me that Carthage was where I was meant to be.”

    Maximilian Kellerhals 23

    Maximilian Kellerhals ’23

    Majors: Finance

    Minors: Film and New Media, Economics, Studio Art

    Hometown: Gurnee, Ill.

    “I chose Carthage because it’s a beautiful campus with welcoming people. I have had plenty of opportunities that will give me the ability to achieve whatever I want in life.”

    Sahar Kherani

    Sahar Kherani ’25

    Majors: Finance

    Minors: Political Science

    Hometown: Kenosha, Wisconsin

    “Carthage allows me to better bond with my professors, advisors, and classmates.”

    Michael Malyszek

    Michael Malyszek ’25

    Majors: Finance

    Hometown: Wilmette, Illinois

    “The financial sector is the largest industry in the world. In fact, the financial industry comprises 20-25 percent of the world’s economy. If you were to consider changing your major or adding another, I would advise you to consider finance, as a degree in finance opens up so many doors.”

    Nicole Vydra

    Nicole Vydra ’24

    Majors: Marketing, Management, and Finance

    Minors: Economics

    Hometown: Aurora, Illinois

    “The career options with marketing, management, and finance are endless. I have developed personally and professionally by enhancing my public speaking skills, business knowledge and vocabulary, and awareness of career opportunities in business. The business program develops well-rounded students, and the business itself is an extremely rewarding career.”