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Carthage offers a major and a minor in German, with a program that challenges you to move beyond vocabulary and grammar and think critically about German culture, history, literature, and more. You’ll master the German language with guidance from Carthage’s Target Language Experts — native German speakers who bring energy and authenticity to their classes. Majors also study in Germany for at least a semester.


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You’ll be immersed in German culture and language from the first day of your first German course. Led by dedicated professors and Target Language Experts, the lively courses stretch beyond vocabulary and grammar to explore literature, architecture, art, politics, film, economics, and everyday life so you’ll develop a critical understanding of the nation’s past and present.

Many students combine German with a major or minor in another field, allowing them to combine their interests and prepare for various futures — even some they might not anticipate.

Courses You’ll Take

All classes in the major are taught in German. Here’s a sampling of required and elective offerings:

  • German Conversation
  • German-Speaking World: Social, Political, and Economic Issues
  • German-Speaking World: Cultural and Intellectual Life
  • German Theatre
  • Cultural Awareness

German Course Descriptions


If you test into a course and then earn a “C” or better, you can earn up to 12 free retroactive credits. That’s three times more than you’ll get from any AP or college-level class that offers college credit!


Beyond the Classroom

Student looking at a castle in Germany. Study Abroad

German majors at Carthage are required to spend a semester in Germany. Study abroad options ranging from a few weeks to a full year are available to all students. Thanks to its popular J-Term, Carthage is a top-ranked institution in the country for short-term study abroad. In recent years, professors in religion, theatre, communication, and history have led study tours to Germany.

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Student Organizations

German Club and Stammtisch (the German lunch table) give students more chances to build cultural and linguistic fluency, while the International Friendship Society promotes diversity and cultural awareness on campus. Top students can also join Alpha Mu Gamma, a national honor society for foreign languages.

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Studying German at Carthage leads to jobs in business, marketing, healthcare, computer science, recruiting, teaching, art, and more.