Graduates of Carthage’s German program use their cultural knowledge and language skills in various careers after graduation.

German courses integrate many other subjects: politics, economics, art, literature, media, film, and geography. Students can easily combine German with other majors, including religion, international political economy, business, art, marketing, physics, or history.

Here is a look at how some career options for German graduates.

  • Teacher/educator
  • Research assistant
  • Travel consultant or tour guide
  • Museum staff
  • Journalist
  • International customer service
  • Study abroad advisor
  • Diplomacy staff
  • International negotiator
  • Environment and sustainability specialist
  • Medical writing manager
  • Clinical researcher
  • Business development officer
  • Communications director
  • European sales coordinator
  • IT project manager
  • Product support engineer
  • Supplier management
  • Editor
  • Analyst
  • Account executive
  • Project coordinator
  • Graphic designer
  • Data analyst
  • Program coordinator
  • Business analyst
  • Computer programmer
  • Lawyer (once you’re qualified in American law, you can specialize in international law with a focus on German-speaking countries)
  • Airline pilot/cabin crew
  • IT technician
  • Accountant/banker
  • Engineer (any discipline)
  • HR professional
  • Professional writer/copywriter
  • Marketer/sales manager

Carthage German students have gone on to successful careers incorporating their German studies:


Sarah Sprenger teaches second grade at the German Immersion School in Milwaukee.

Melissa Haines teaches German at a high school in Illinois.

Orsi Kiss completed her Ph.D. in German at Indiana University to become a German professor.


Leah Stuhlmacher works in international marketing for Harley-Davidson, where she had an internship while she was a student. Majors: German and Marketing

Alyson Kuttruff worked for the German Parliament in Berlin. Plans to attend graduate school in politics. Majors: German and International Political Economy

Adam Mademann works for Egetrans International, where he helps companies import and transport products to the United States. Majors: German and History