Carthage’s Bachelor of Arts in Healthcare Administration blends academic excellence with practical experience to create a dynamic educational journey that empowers students to become effective leaders in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

By combining a comprehensive curriculum with a year-long hospital rotation, this program ensures that graduates are not only well-versed in healthcare theory, but also adept at navigating the complexities of healthcare administration in real-world settings.

Healthcare administration career outlook and salary

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the median annual wage for medical and health services managers was $104,830 in May 2022. Careers in health services management is expected to grow by 28 percent over the next 10 years.

Healthcare administration career paths

Healthcare administration graduates find jobs in:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Medical group practices
  • Insurance companies
  • Pharmaceutical firms
  • Healthcare consulting
  • Government health agencies