Kaitlin Fuller ?12

    Kaitlin Fuller

    Class Year: ’12

    Majors: International Political Economy and History

    Current Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin


    General Education Teacher at Milwaukee Public Schools

    “Carthage gave me an inner strength that has allowed me to face and conquer challenges personally and professionally.”

    Mia Morton ?21

    Mia Morton

    Class Year: ’21

    Majors: History

    Current Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin


    Claymation and Film Educator at Discovery World

    “Not only did my college professors equip me with the skills I need to work in my field, but they modeled what excellence looks like.”

    Matthew Richer ?14

    Matthew Richer

    Class Year: ’14

    Majors: History

    Current Hometown: Kenosha, Wis.



    “I went into Carthage thinking I knew exactly what job I wanted post-graduation; however, by keeping an open mind I found a new passion.”

    Matthew Wehmeier ?15 was a Fulbright Fellow. The Fulbright Fellowship is a prestigious, competiti...

    Matthew Wehmeier

    Class Year: ’15

    Majors: German, History

    Current Hometown: Chicago


    Graduate Student, University of Chicago

    “Getting to know the people in both my programs was easily the best part of my experience, professors and fellow students alike, and I keep in contact with many of them to this day.”

    Caitlin Zant ?12

    Caitlin Zant

    Class Year: ’12

    Majors: Geography and Earth Science, History

    Current Hometown: Madison, Wisconsin


    Maritime Archaeologist 

    “I would likely not be in the career I am today if I had not attended Carthage. It truly was a remarkable experience.”