Ava Serfling Bennett ?24

    Ava Serfling Bennett

    Majors: English and History

    Hometown: Harrisburg, South Dakota

    “The students who go to Carthage are driven, intelligent, and hard working. If you want friends and peers who push you to be the best, this is the best place to be!”

    Karlee De Jesus ?24

    Karlee De Jesus

    Majors: English with Creative Writing Emphasis and History

    Hometown: Kenosha, Wisconsin

    “I have enjoyed so many classes here — History of the Caribbean, Native American Literature, Greek Religion, Creative Writing, and Politics in Film are all amazing courses.”

    Dorin Tiberius Drimboi

    Dorin Tiberius Drimboi

    Majors: History

    Minors: Secondary Education & Psychology

    Hometown: Des Plaines, Illinois

    “I chose Carthage because of the fact it was so close to home while also being far enough where I can grow independently. I also chose Carthage because of the family/community feel that I have definitely felt in my four years here. The small class sizes were a major draw, and the lake is also a huge reason most people decide to go here.”