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Interfaith is awareness of how religious beliefs, values, and practices sustain life in all communities and contribute to a better world. Interfaith cooperation is a call to action, entreating believers and non-believers to engage with others of differing faith traditions in a constructive way.


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Against a backdrop of the presence of religious diversity in the world, stereotypes, misunderstanding, negative assumptions, and outright fear of religious “others” can lead to conflict. Understanding each other and having a willingness to work amongst each other — regardless of what one does or doesn’t believe — is a skill that can have immense power. Carthage’s interfaith studies minor was launched to develop this skill.

Beyond the Classroom

2020 study tour to India. Student Organizations

Many campus groups welcome students who want to explore and live out their beliefs, such as Better Together Interfaith Movement, Catholics at Carthage, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Jewish Awareness Association, and Muslim Student Association. Strong scholars can be elected to religion honor society Theta Alpha Kappa.

Practicum in Religion

Students seeking hands-on experience in ministry and church leadership can assist the pastor of a local congregation or lead a church youth group.

Study Abroad

During the popular J-Term, professors have led religion-focused study tours to destinations like India, Tanzania, Greece, Germany, and Spain.

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