Michael Arient ?21

    Michael Arient

    Majors: International Political Economy, Accounting

    Minors: Political Science

    Hometown: Schaumburg, Illinois

    “Carthage was really the only school that allowed me the freedom to pursue all of my passions at once. I was unable to study both IPE and accounting at any other school, and here I am able to take on both as full majors alongside a minor.”

    Joel Branson ?23

    Joel Branson

    Majors: International Political Economy

    Minors: Spanish and Chinese

    Hometown: Saint Joseph, Illinois

    “International Political Economics (IPE) is a very well-developed program. We have a brilliant collection of professors with years of experience behind them and who are able to support the information they are providing for their students.”

    Tyler Kelly ?24

    Tyler Kelly

    Majors: International Political Economy and Political Science

    Minors: Social Justice

    Hometown: Franklin, WI

    “I really enjoyed my J-Term study tour to Peru, which expanded my global perspective, taught me about the impact of tourism, and was certainly the trip of a lifetime.”

    Laura Xiu Hung ?24

    Laura Xiu Hung

    Majors: Chinese, IPE

    Minors: Asian Studies

    Hometown: Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

    “My classmates and professors make the environment fun and engaging, which really benefits my learning. Carthage professors are clearly passionate about the subjects they teach, and it’s easily reflected in the students’ learning.”