Students studying Japanese at Carthage have many opportunities to enrich their education.

Student Organizations

Carthage Japanese students can get involved in a number of student organizations dedicated to putting what’s learned in the classroom into practice. Join Japanese Club, Alpha Mu Gamma, the International Friendship Society, and more!

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Field Trips

The Japanese program organizes field trips every semester to the Japanese Supermarket Mitsuwa, the Kikkoman Factory, or the Japanese Garden at the Chicago Botanic Garden. In addition to being learning experiences, these trips also give students a chance to interact informally and practice their language skills.

Students attend a Sumo tournament in Japan.

J-Term is a month-long period of study in Janaury in which the academic departments at Carthage offer innovative courses on-campus and study tours around the world. Professors from various areas of study such as history, politics, and economics who are specialized or interested in Japanese society may lead field trips to Japan. The trips provide students opportunities to have direct contact with Japanese people and culture.

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Study Abroad

Study abroad enables students to become international citizens as they explore Japan in depth, build language skills, and experience Japanese culture. Living with a Japanese family, taking courses, and participating in a cultural practicum/internship offer different windows for experiencing and understanding the complex society of contemporary Japan.

Students majoring in Japanese are required to study abroad for at least one semester. Carthage has a regular exchange program with Tokyo Gakugei University, and Carthage students may study there or at another Japanese university of their choice. The exchange program with Tokyo Gakugei University allows up to three students from Carthage to enroll at Tokyo Gakugei University; in turn, Tokyo Gakugei University may send up to three of their qualified students to study at Carthage each year.

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Advanced students of Japanese may volunteer to give Japanese language lessons once a week in local elementary schools.

Japanese Speech and Performance Contest

Since 2008, the Japanese program at Carthage has hosted the Carthage Japanese Speech and Performance Contest. This is an opportunity for students in the Japanese program to present their Japanese oral skills and express themselves in Japanese. In addition to formal speeches, students also present Japanese songs, skits, dances, Karate, and more.

Japanese Student Fellowship

A Japanese service fellow is selected each year who assists in organizing Japanese activities/events and receives a stipend.

Japanese Lunch Table

The Japanese Lunch Table meets regularly in the Carthage cafeteria. Students chat with each other in Japanese and with professors, TLEs, and exchange students from Japan.

Target Language Experts

At Carthage, introductory language courses are taught by native speakers. The College hires graduate students from around the world to come to Carthage to share their language and culture. These Target Language Experts bring an energy and authenticity to modern language courses, giving students new to a language a vibrant and exciting introduction

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Modern Language Scholarship

Carthage offers two Japanese scholarships to each incoming class. The scholarships cover $20,000 per year and are renewable for four years. 

Japanese students have multiple opportunities to apply for various scholarships to support for their study abroad in Japan. The following are some of the scholarships Japanese students won in recent years:

  • Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship
  • University Recommendation Japanese Government Scholarship
  • Bridging Scholarship by American Association of Teachers of Japanese
  • The USAC (University Studies Abroad Consortium) General Scholarship

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