Isabelle Hunter ?24

    Isabelle Hunter ’24

    Majors: Japanese

    Minors: Asian Studies

    Hometown: Round Lake, Illinois

    “The Japanese program has a very close-knit community, and I love knowing almost everyone in the major.”

    Tyler Hunter

    Tyler Hunter ’25

    Majors: Japanese and Asian Studies

    Minors: Economics and Business Administration

    Hometown: Burlington, Wis.

    “I chose Carthage because I really loved the atmosphere of having close relations with the professors and feeling more involved in the classroom and on campus. The other main reason is for the reputation of Carthage’s study abroad and Japanese programs.”

    Jose Antonio ?Tony? Lule

    Jose Antonio Lule ’26

    Majors: History and Japanese

    Minors: Spanish

    Hometown: Evanston, Illinois

    “Students in the Japanese program at Carthage are really close with each other across all levels. Many of my first friends I made at Carthage were other students in the program.”

    Kristeria Wolf ?24

    Kristeria Wolf ’24

    Majors: Japanese

    Hometown: Harvard, Ill.

    “I received the Japanese Language Scholarship. When I got the letter, I was ecstatic. It meant to me I could go to a school with professors that cared, and I had opportunities to learn as much as I wanted.”