Christian Aggari ?21

    Christian Aggari

    Majors: Computer Science, Japanese

    Minors: Asian Studies

    Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

    “Winning the Japanese Modern Language Scholarship was the main reason I chose to go to Carthage. I have joined the Japanese Club e-board, participated in the Culture Festival, and continued to attend tutoring regularly. It seems like fate brought me to the right place!”

    Danielle Doh ?21

    Danielle Doh

    Majors: French and Japanese

    Minors: Asian Studies

    Hometown: Flossmoor, Illinois

    “Professor Yan Wang contributed enormously to my Carthage career. Having studied Japanese since childhood, I came to Carthage with lots of prior knowledge but a rocky foundation. Prof. Wang ensured that I would progress through Carthage with a solid Japanese learning experience.”

    Brian Keele 22

    Brian Keele

    Majors: Japanese

    Hometown: Germantown Hills, Illinois

    “Carthage gave me the chance to study abroad in Tokyo, Japan for nearly a whole year. I view this opportunity to live, study, and grow in Japan as one of the greatest chances ever presented to me.”

    Mira Parker

    Majors: Japanese

    Minors: Business Administration and Creative Writing

    Hometown: De Forest, Wisconsin

    “My Japanese language classes are my favorite. They are fun and exciting, and since they are small, I get to know my professors better. The small class size also allows the professors to cater more to my individual learning needs inside and outside the classroom.”

    Alex Rogers

    Majors: Japanese and Spanish

    Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan

    “Meeting new people and living on campus has really made my life a lot more fun and interesting. There are so many chances to reach out and make friends on campus.”

    Syanne Thompson

    Majors: Japanese and Mathematics

    Hometown: Albion, Illinois

    “The Carthage Japanese Club teaches some supplementary content given in presentation form by the upperclassmen. This club really helped my studies as well as my interest in Japan.”