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Marketing Principles

MKT 3130 / 4 credits

This course provides a general knowledge of marketing, emphasizing marketing mix elements (Product, Price, Promotion, and Placement) for both consumer and industrial products, marketing strategies, customer behavior, and promotion. Topics include situation analysis techniques; marketing segmentation; identification of target markets; product/brand positioning via the 4 P’s of marketing; development and presentation of a marketing plan for a local business; and the social, ethical, and legal issues in marketing.
Prerequisite: Sophomore standing
Offered in Fall/Spring

Consumer Behavior

MKT 3140 / 4 credits

This course focuses on the development of successful marketing strategies by analysis of theories of consumer behavior and their application to successful decision-making. The course will incorporate a variety of perspectives from psychology, economics, geography, sociology, and cultural anthropology in acquiring an understanding of consumer thought processes and overt behaviors, and the consumer environment. Topics related to for-profit and not-for-profit institutions are addressed.
Prerequisite: MKT 3130

Personal Selling and Sales Management

MKT 3230 / 4 credits

This class is designed for all marketing majors and those students who are planning a career in professional sales. The course focuses on both personal selling and sales analytics. Students will learn how to communicate with prospective customers to understand their needs, match those needs with the appropriate product or service, and present an effective sales presentation. In addition, students will develop an in-depth understanding of how to analyze and report on sales data using Microsoft Excel. Lectures, role-playing exercises, mock sales calls, class exercises (using, and case studies are used to reinforce the text. Topics also include the social, ethical, and legal issues in selling; handling objections; and closing deals.
Prerequisites: MKT 3130 and junior standing, or permission of instructor

Integrated Marketing Communications

MKT 4100 / 4 credits

This course focuses on the theory and practice of designing and implementing an integrated marketing communications program for maximum impact on customers and constituents. Class lectures and applied activities are designed to foster analytical and critical-thinking skills in campaign design and development; strategic promotional planning; research and assessment of target markets; media buying strategy; and national, global, and ethical issues. A variety of traditional and new communication media are addressed. Recent developments in marketing communications are also addressed.
Prerequisites: MKT 3130 and junior standing
Offered in Fall/Spring

Direct Marketing Analytics

MKT 4200 / 4 credits

This course focuses on the development of critical thinking and analytical skills in the design of marketing strategy and tactics using databases. Database marketing refers to a company’s use of databases to gain a better understanding of customers, and accomplish marketing objectives, by delivering higher levels of customer satisfaction. Topics and applications in this class focus on market segmentation, customer relationship management, trend analysis, and accountability of marketing actions. For-profit and not-for-profit situations are addressed.
Prerequisite: MKT 3130

Marketing Research

MKT 4210 / 4 credits

This course is designed to survey current marketing research practices and procedures. Coursework will focus on the development of reliable and valid measures, and the application of various qualitative and quantitative methods. The emphasis is on providing useful information for marketing decisions.
Prerequisites: MKT 3130 and BUS/ECN 2340 or MGT 3100

Business to Business Marketing

MKT 4220 / 4 credits

This is the capstone class for all marketing majors, and it allows students to apply their knowledge gained from previous courses within the context of the business-to-business environment. Students will find an industrial product, create a feasibility study, develop a business plan and marketing plan, and execute the marketing plan. Executional elements include branding, logos/icons, website, product brochures, direct marketing campaign, and Google AdWords campaign.
Prerequisites: ACC 2000, 2020, or 2040 and MKT 3230

Consumer Research

MKT 4230 / 4 credits

This course focuses on the successful development of marketing strategies based on an understanding of consumer behavior and current marketing research practices and procedures. Frameworks of consumer decision-making and overt behavior will include perspectives based on psychology, sociology, behavioral economics, and cultural anthropology. Applied research projects will incorporate both qualitative and quantitative methods.
Prerequisites: MKT 3130 and ECN/BUS 2340 or MGT 3100