Stephanie Bradshaw ?17

    Stephanie Bradshaw

    Class Year: ’17

    Majors: Geography, Earth Science, Physics

    Current Hometown: Middleton, Wis.


    Graduate student

    “Never be afraid to do what you need to do in order to stay healthy, whether that be to dedicate time for yourself each week or to reach out to a friend, advisor, counselor, or, even, a professor. Everyone at Carthage is dedicated to your success, and your mental health needs to come first if you are to be successful.”

    Chris Duffy

    Chris Duffy

    Class Year: ’04

    Majors: Mathematics, Physics

    Current Hometown: Verona, Wis.


    Interface Analyst at Epic

    “Recognizing everyone is on the same team and generally headed in the same direction is important.”

    Chris Geocaris ?00

    Chris Geocaris

    Class Year: ’00

    Majors: Mathematics

    Current Hometown: Kenosha, Wis.


    Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Services, Warren Township High School in Gurnee, Ill. 

    “Carthage is an amazing school that has so much to offer. But you will only get out what you put in. Take chances, try new things, and get involved!”

    Ethan Hobbs ?18

    Ethan Hobbs

    Class Year: ’18

    Majors: Physics and Mathematics

    Current Hometown: Boulder, Colorado


    Ph.D. Student at University of Colorado-Boulder

    “Reach out to your professors! They might be intimidating, but they are a great resource and are always there to help.”

    Eric Ireland

    Eric Ireland

    Class Year: ’15

    Majors: Physics and Mathematics

    Current Hometown: Portland, Oregon


    Applications Engineer at Electro Scientific Industries (a division of MKS Instruments) 

    “In many ways, Carthage has given me a foundation to be successful — both personally and professionally.”

    Ben Levicki ?21

    Ben Levicki

    Class Year: ’21

    Majors: Mathematics

    Current Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio


    Data Quality Analyst for the Cleveland Cavaliers

    “My liberal arts education really helped me attack problems from different angles and communicate with my coworkers.”

    Dan Monfre

    Dan Monfre

    Class Year: ’09

    Majors: Mathematics, Spanish

    Current Hometown: Milwaukee, Wis.


    Teacher at Ronald Reagan College Preparatory High School in Milwaukee

    “Professors at Carthage played a big role in how I teach. You can feel their passion while they teach, and you could tell that they cared not only about what they taught, but that they cared about the students too. I try to do that as well by trying to relate to my students.”

    Todd Schulter ?16

    Tod Schulter

    Class Year: ’16

    Majors: Physics and Mathematics

    Current Hometown: Reston, Va.


    Space Systems Software Engineer at Northrop Grumman Corporation

    “Don’t get caught up with the small things too much. Try things you aren’t 100 percent sure about, like being an org president. I wasn’t sure about that before I took the position, but through my experiences, I proved to myself I could be a leader.”