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The medical humanities minor at Carthage holistically prepares students to become patient-centered, ethically knowledgeable, and culturally competent practitioners in the art of medicine. The minor is a strong complement for students graduating in health sciences and other fields related to healthcare, but it is open to any Carthage student.


  • Medical Humanities

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The medical humanities minor helps students explore a variety of disciplines that relate to healthcare through a humanistic approach grounded in a liberal arts education. A humanistic approach places emphasis on the uniqueness of all individuals and their experiences and perspectives, and emphasizes the value of taking into account the whole person.

This minor recognizes that health professionals of all types treat human beings, and that the more adept health professionals are at understanding humans, the more effective they are likely to be. 

Students who complete the medical humanities minor at Carthage will be able to:

  • Explain how diverse personal experiences (gender, race, class, etc.) affect the healthcare of individuals.
  • Articulate the philosophical, ethical, and cultural dimensions of health, disease, and suffering.
  • Recognize how health disparities and disabilities shape healthcare experiences for patients.
  • Critically examine the historical and contemporary connections among health, medicine, and society.
  • Synthesize knowledge of a liberal arts education in order to build the basis of a transferable skill set that applies to healthcare.

Stand out when applying for health professional school

Medical humanities students in a classroom. Health professional schools are increasingly competitive and focused on students with a broader set of skills and experiences. Many of these competencies — such as cultural competence, oral and written communication, ethical responsibility to self and others, social skills, and service orientations — are required for admission to graduate programs in the health professions. A medical humanities minor positions students better for acceptance into health professional schools.