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MUS 1010

Music Theory I

An in-depth study of harmony and musical materials. Includes music notation, rhythm and meter, the concepts of key and scale, interval quality, diatonic harmony, and phrase structure.
Prerequisite: Passing grade on Music Literacy Assessment

MUS 1020

Aural Skills I

The course facilitates the development of aural skills through the application of concepts borrowed from music theory: sight-singing, basic music analysis, and transcription. Students may be charged a separate fee for access to required digital resources.

MUS 1030

Music Theory II

A continuation of Music Theory 1010. Includes diatonic and chromatic harmony, nonharmonic tone analysis, and melodic development in various textures and styles.
Prerequisite: MUS 1010 or consent of the instructor

MUS 1040

Aural Skills II

A continuation of Aural Skills I, applied to musical concepts studied in Music Theory II. Students may be charged a separate fee for access to required digital materials.
Prerequisite: MUS 1020 or consent of the instructor

MUS 2110

Introduction to Western Music History

This introductory course will survey music in the Western classical tradition from the early Christian era through contemporary Western art music. The course will acquaint the student with major works through musical analysis and critical listening. Significant attention will be paid to musical forms and their cultural context.

MUS 3400

Music Theatre History

An exploration of how drama, art, movement, and music combine into the “spectacular” form of music theatre. This course is designed to provide foundational grounding in music theatre history and criticism. Specific attention will be paid to developing analytical skills specific to the art form of music theatre. Course activities will include critical listening and analysis as well as research practices in music theatre. Given that music theatre is performance-based, application of course content to performance practice will constitute an important dimension of the course. Ticket fee.

MUS 0250

Private Voice

Applied voice study focused on the development of technique, literature, and performance skills. Principles of classical vocal technique, as well as music theatre style, will be studied alongside literature appropriate for the developmental level of the student. Performance opportunities will include formal and informal settings.

MUS 0160

Keyboard Skills I

Introduction to the basic fundamentals of keyboard study including elementary solo repertoire.
Prerequisite: Music major status or consent of department

MUS 0170

Keyboard Skills II

Accompaniment patterns, transposition, and basic improvisation skills through harmonization study. Continued development of keyboard technique through solo and ensemble literature.
Prerequisite: MUS 0160 or consent of instructor

MUS 0180

Keyboard Skills III

Intermediate study of chord progressions, improvisation, harmonization, and accompaniment patterns. Beginning study of four-part sight reading, analysis of hymns, and score reading. Solo and ensemble literature will focus on intermediate-level standard repertoire.
Prerequisite: MUS 0170 or consent of instructor

MUS 0190

Keyboard Skills IV

Chord progressions correlated to chromatic harmonic materials of Music Theory III and basic jazz chords. Four-part open choral score, hymn reading, and applied composition. Intermediate-level solo and accompaniment standard literature.
Prerequisite: MUS 0180 or consent of instructor

MUS 0010

Carthage Choir

The Carthage Choir presents concerts of both anthems and longer works, sings for school and community functions, hosts an annual choral workshop, takes an annual spring tour, and tours in Europe every third J-Term. Membership by individual audition.

MUS 0020

Carthage Chorale

The Carthage Chorale is a mixed choral ensemble that regularly sings both sacred and secular music in a variety of venues. Membership by individual audition.

MUS 0700

Recital Attendance

Required of all music majors each term and of all music minors during their four semesters of applied study. Music education emphasis majors are exempt during their practice-teaching term.

MUS/THR 2620

Music Theatre Workshop

This course for the singer-actor provides formal and informal venues to develop music theatre skills: character development and portrayal, scene study, and audition skills. The laboratory format allows students to learn from the instructor as well as each other as they cover varied repertory. The course culminates in a performance at the end of each term.
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor

THR 2110

Acting I: Fundamentals of Acting (For Majors and Minors)

A beginning course for the theatre major or minor, with an introduction to the art of acting through individual and group work. Students will develop basic acting skills with a strong emphasis on the Stanislavski system. The class will include improvisation, monologue preparation, scene study, character development, textual analysis, vocal development, and historical research.
Prerequisite: Theatre major or minor or music theatre major

THR 3110

Acting II: Character and Scene Study

An intermediate course for the theatre major or minor. A continuation of the acting skills presented in Acting I. A process-oriented course exploring modern and contemporary playwrights. The class will include scene study, character development, textual analysis, vocal development, and historical research.
Prerequisite: THR 2110, declared performance major, or instructor consent

THR 2900

Play Reading and Analysis

The course will include a critical examination of dramatic literature for the purpose of production. Students in this course will consider representative dramatic works from the ancient Greeks into the 21st century. Students will study the play script as literature, an historical artifact, and a blueprint for production. Course materials may be linked to Carthage theatre productions. This course involves extensive play reading and analysis, historical research, practical application, and a major project.
Prerequisite: Sophomore standing

THR 2910

Play Production I: Stagecraft

A beginning stagecraft course for all theatre majors and minors. This course introduces students to the basic aspects of technical theatre production and construction of theatrical scenery. Students will learn how to operate the necessary power tools and stage machinery safely. Students will be involved directly with the Carthage theatre productions. Lecture and laboratory.
Prerequisite: Theatre major or minor or music theatre major or minor, or permission of the instructor

THR 2920

Play Production II: Costumes and Makeup

Practical study and experiences to develop technical skills including effective planning and safety practices for basic elements of costume design, acquisition and construction, and makeup design and application. Students will work on projects currently in production by the department.
Prerequisite: Theatre major or minor or music theatre major or minor, or permission of the instructor

MUS 4990

Senior Thesis Completion

Students should register for MUS 4990 the semester they intend to complete their senior project.