The Carthage Bachelor of Arts with an emphasis in music theatre provides promising performers with the skills necessary for a successful career in music theatre. The curriculum is designed to develop core skills in music, theatre, and dance.

Our innovative music theatre workshop provides students with formal and informal opportunities to explore the integration of these skills in rehearsal and performance. The workshop courses regularly perform five musicals and two scene recitals each year.

The Bachelor of Arts with an Emphasis in Music Theatre (56 credits)

The following courses comprise the Bachelor of Arts with an Emphasis in Music Theatre
  • MUS 1010 Music Theory I (3 credits)
  • MUS 1020 Aural Skills I (1 credit)
  • MUS 1030 Music Theory II (3 credits)
  • MUS 1040 Aural Skills II (1 credit)
  • MUS 2110 Introduction to Western Music History (4 credits)
  • MUS/THR 3400 Music Theatre History (4 credits)
  • MUS 0250 Private Voice (1 credit each term, 8 terms)
  • MUS 0160 Keyboard Skills I (1 credit)
  • MUS 0170 Keyboard Skills II (1 credit)
  • MUS 0180 Keyboard Skills III (1 credit)
  • MUS 0190 Keyboard Skills IV (1 credit)
  • MUS 0010, 0020, or 0240 Ensemble participation for four terms (0-8 credits)
  • MUS 4990 Senior Thesis Completion (0 credits)
  • MUS 0700 Recital Attendance (0 credits, 4 terms)
  • MUS/THR 2620 Music Theatre Workshop (0-8 credits, 4 terms)
  • THR/EXS Applied Dance Electives (4 credits, 1 credit each term)
  • THR 2110 Acting I (4 credits)
  • THR 3110 Acting II (4 credits)
  • THR 2900 Play Reading and Analysis (4 credits)
  • THR 2910 Play Production I: Stagecraft (4 credits)
  • THR 2920 Play Production II: Costumes and Makeup (4 credits)
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THR 3260, 3270, or 3280 Theatre Surveys (4 credits)


Master of Music in Music Theatre Vocal Pedagogy

The Master of Music (M.M.) in Music Theatre Vocal Pedagogy provides opportunities for creative endeavor, inquiry, and investigation into the field of professional voice use in music theatre style. This 10-month full-time master’s program will feature seminar courses in vocal pedagogy, application and integration courses in voice performance in music theatre style, and analysis courses that focus on repertoire and rehearsal techniques.

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Current students: You should follow the official College Catalog from the year you entered Carthage and work with your advisors and the department chair to ensure all requirements are met.