Lane Breimhorst ?23

    Lane Breimhorst

    Majors: Music Theatre

    “Music theatre has always been my passion, and thanks to the professors and students here, I have only grown to love it more.”

    Nicky Caldwell ?23

    Nicky Caldwell

    Majors: Music Theatre

    Hometown: Santa Clara, California

    Carthage is a great place to come for the arts. The programs are spectacular, and the faculty are wonderful. Most importantly, though, the community has your back. They want you to succeed. It’s truly a wonderful environment.

    Hannah Czaplicki ?23

    Hannah Czaplicki

    Majors: Music Theatre

    Hometown: Waukegan, Illinois

    “I’ve had an opportunity to perform every semester I’ve been at Carthage — be it singing in choir, acting in a scene directed by a classmate, or performing in a full-blown musical. Each performance opportunity adds a new layer to who I am as an artist and gives me a new challenge to conquer.”

    Trevor Milne

    Trevor Milne

    Majors: Engineering and Musical Theater

    Hometown: Davenport, Iowa

    “Carthage is a college that provided me with a great education in multiple areas of study. While most other schools are known for either their music or STEM programs, Carthage has great programs for both.”

    Elizabeth Neybert ?25

    Elizabeth Neybert

    Majors: Directing and Music Theatre

    Minors: Dance

    Hometown: Elgin, Illinois

    “My advisors and professors have encouraged me to take risks and take advantage of opportunities that are presented to me. They have helped me grow as a student and as an artist.”

    Danae Palmer

    Danae Palmer

    Majors: Music Theatre

    Minors: Public Relations

    Hometown: Sterling, Ill.

    “My advice for you is to do what you love. There is always something out there in the real world after college that you can use your degree for. Don’t let caution or fear of the future stop you from doing what you love.”

    Caitlin Preuss

    Majors: Music Theatre, Self-Design Directing

    Minors: Dance

    Hometown: Palatine, Ill.

    “My biggest piece of advice is to try everything! The minute you dive in head first, you will have more opportunities than you know what to do with.”

    Katherine Taylor Retek

    Katherine Taylor Retek

    Majors: Political Science & Music Theatre

    Hometown: Rensselaer, Ind.

    “Getting the chance to perform here at Carthage is a rewarding experience. Not only for yourself but for those who take the time to come and support the show. Every time you perform a story, you act in a way that conveys you. Everyone should be able to have the chance to perform once in their lifetime because you may never know how it might change your individuality once you do try.”

    Kelsey Spofford

    Kelsey Spofford

    Majors: Communication

    Minors: Music Theatre

    Hometown: Green Bay, Wisconsin

    “I have been able to explore my individuality through academics as well as develop lifelong friendships. Being at Carthage has given me opportunities like no other.”