Lane Breimhorst ?23

    Lane Breimhorst

    Majors: Music Theatre

    “Music theatre has always been my passion, and thanks to the professors and students here, I have only grown to love it more.”

    Nicky Caldwell ?23

    Nicky Caldwell

    Majors: Music Theatre

    Hometown: Santa Clara, California

    Carthage is a great place to come for the arts. The programs are spectacular, and the faculty are wonderful. Most importantly, though, the community has your back. They want you to succeed. It’s truly a wonderful environment.

    Hannah Czaplicki ?23

    Hannah Czaplicki

    Majors: Music Theatre

    Hometown: Waukegan, Illinois

    I’ve had an opportunity to perform every semester I’ve been at Carthage — be it singing in choir, acting in a scene directed by a classmate, or performing in a full-blown musical. Each performance opportunity adds a new layer to who I am as an artist and gives me a new challenge to conquer.

    Tyler Meyer

    Majors: Musical Theatre, Marketing

    Hometown: Marshfield, Wis.

    “Carthage has offered me the opportunity to perform every single semester since I arrived here. I have participated in music theater workshops, main stage musicals and plays, dance shows, staged readings, and directed scenes.”

    Caitlin Preuss

    Majors: Music Theatre, Self-Design Directing

    Minors: Dance

    Hometown: Palatine, Ill.

    “My biggest piece of advice is to try everything! The minute you dive in head first, you will have more opportunities than you know what to do with.”

    Ruiqing Zhu

    Majors: Music Theatre

    Hometown: China

    “Carthage offers lots of opportunities for students who major in musical theater. We learn a lot from all those wonderful professors and our fellows. We not only learn knowledge, but we also learn how to be a professional actor and how to be a good person.”