All music majors, music minors, and music non-majors must pass an entrance audition to the program. The 2023-24 auditions will be held on the following dates:

  • Saturday, Nov. 11, 2023
  • Saturday, Jan. 20, 2024
  • Saturday, Feb. 3, 2024
  • Saturday, Feb. 10, 2024 (virtual)
  • Saturday, Feb. 17, 2024

*If you are unable to meet at the dates listed, please continue and explain your situation in the text box at the bottom in the “How did you hear about us” section. We will respond via email and work out an alternative. You’ll need to choose a date in order to submit the form.

A confirmation with details and requirements for your audition will be emailed to you from once your application is processed. Please read and keep this email as it will contain all the details about your audition. Review the audition requirements on the Auditions and Scholarships page.

All fields marked with asterisk (*) are required.

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Be sure to include street address with apartment number if applicable, city, state, and zip code.
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Intended Area of Study*
(Music theatre applicants should fill out the form located on the music theatre webpage.)
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If you are auditioning as a major, please indicate your desired emphasis/major
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Preferred Audition Date (not guaranteed)*
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Preferred 20-minute Audition Time (not guaranteed)*
Each audition is 20 minutes long, and will be scheduled between 9 a.m.-noon or 1-4 p.m.
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Have you already applied to Carthage and been accepted?*
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Are you a Lincoln or Presidential Scholarship applicant or competitor?*
If you are participating in one of these competitions, your audition will be scheduled after 1 p.m. unless you plan to schedule the competition on a different date.
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For Lincoln/Presidential Scholarship Applicants/Competitors only: Do you plan to schedule your audition on the same day as your competition?
It is recommended to schedule the competition on a different day than the audition.
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Indicate primary instrument/voice classification*
If you are auditioning in two areas, please prepare two sections for your primary performance area and one selection for your secondary performance area. Students are eligible to receive a music scholarship in one area.
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Example: Violin for instrument or soprano for voice.
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Would you like to audition for a secondary instrument/voice classification?
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