Madison Bazylewicz ?26

    Madison Bazylewicz ’26

    Majors: Music Education and Music

    Hometown: Waukesha, WI

    “Everyone here really wants to see you succeed. So many faculty members are in your corner, ready to help. Knowing there are so many people here for you is a great feeling.”

    Nathan Koehlert ?24

    Nathan Koehlert ’24

    Majors: Music Performance and Accounting

    Hometown: Algonquin, Illinois

    “I recommend majoring in music performance because you get to learn how to become a better musician, not just in singing or playing your instrument — you also get to learn how to conduct.”

    Avery Morris ?24

    Avery Morris ’24

    Majors: Vocal Music Education

    Minors: Theatre

    Hometown: Racine, Wisconsin

    “If you love kids, have a passion for music, and have the desire to share that passion through teaching, I would recommend music education. Our faculty are amazing, and you will learn a lot.”

    Jana Paulsen

    Jana Paulsen ’26

    Majors: Music Education

    Hometown: Antioch, IL

    “The Music Department here at Carthage is pretty phenomenal. All of the music faculty are here for you and your success. Not to mention, music students here are excellent and are here for you!””

    Shawn Runningen ?25

    Shawn Runningen ’25

    Majors: Music Education

    Hometown: Franklin, WI

    “Carthage has the whole package. The beautiful lake view, small class sizes, and experienced faculty who are always willing to help if you are struggling.”