The Neuroscience Department at Carthage encompasses issues such as the molecular and cellular basis of neuronal function, nervous system structure, neural correlates of behavior, and mechanisms of nervous system disorders. Scroll down to read descriptions of the neuroscience courses offered at Carthage, or click on the following links for additional resources.

Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience (NLAB)

NEU 2100 / 4 credits
An introduction to psychological processes as they relate to behavior. Basic neurophysiology and sensory processes will be covered along with research relevant to topics or current interest in the field.
Prerequisite: PYC 1500 or BIO 1110

Neuroscience Research Methods and Statistical Analysis (LAB SCI)

NEU 2500 / 4 credits
This course is an introduction to the methods used in neuroscience research. Students participate in experimental design, data collection, statistical analysis and interpretation, and manuscript preparation. Students also are exposed to research techniques including surgery, histology, and pharmacological manipulations.
Prerequisite: Grade of C- or better in NEU 2100 or consent of instructor

Hormones and Behavior (SOC)

NEU 3400 / 4 credits
This course aims to explore the role hormones play in the study of behavior and developmental across various stages in the life course. We will explore how biological mechanisms take part in explaining many different aspects of human (and nonhuman) behavior, and how these explanations fit into discourse from both psychology and the fields of evolutionary biology, neurophysiology, and behavioral economics.
Prerequisites: PYC 2010 and one of PYC 2150, PYC 2200, PYC 2850 or NEU 2100

Computational Analysis in the Life Sciences

NEU 3600 / 4 credits

As scientists are able to collect bigger and more datasets, analyzing and making sense of this data has become the main challenge. This class will look at different datasets in imaging, bioinformatics, and behavior and give students insight into the tools used to process and understand them. Prerequisite: NEU 2500 or BIO 2400 or CSC 1030

Neuroscience II: Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience

NEU 3950 / 4 credits
This course is an examination of the fundamental function of the nervous system. Molecular examination of the electrical and chemical properties of the nervous system is studied, then put into systemic context through examination of pharmacological effects and learning paradigms.
Prerequisites: NEU 2100  or BIO 1120 or consent of instructor

Senior Thesis in Neuroscience

NEU 4000 / 4 credits
This course serves as the capstone to a student’s neuroscience studies. The senior seminar course will help the student to organize the analytical frameworks, perspectives, and theories that have been learned throughout the neuroscience career into a coherent structure in the form of a Senior Thesis. The first part of the course will emphasize generating paper ideas, literature research methods and strategies, and scientific writing necessary for the successful completion of the Senior Thesis. The second part of the course will emphasize oral presentations, peer review, and completion of thesis proposals in the form of extensive literature reviews.
Prerequisites: NEU 2500 and senior standing or consent of instructor

Neuroscience III: Neuroanatomy and Physiology

NEU 4100 / 4 credits
This course provides the student with an understanding and an appreciation of the development and the structural/functional organization of the central nervous system. The architecture of the nervous system is examined with a special emphasis on sensory and motor modalities, functions, and disorders across a variety of species. Students participate in dissection exercises with nervous system tissue.
Prerequisite: Grade of C- or better in NEU 3950 or consent of instructor

Research in Neuroscience

NEU 4900 / 1-4 credits
Students work on an independent research project under the direction of a faculty member. Majors may not enroll for more than four terms of this course.

Senior Thesis Completion

NEU 4990 / 0 credits
Students should register for NEU 4990 in the semester that they plan to complete their Senior Thesis.