Anissa Acevedo

    Anissa Acevedo ’26

    Majors: Nursing

    Hometown: Berwyn, Illinois

    “People should consider nursing because it is a gratifying career. As a nurse, every day will always be different. You’ll treat patients with unique health situations and at varying stages of life. There are also so many different things that you can do that fit your personality.”

    James Castro ?24

    James Castro ’24

    Majors: Nursing

    Minors: Business Administration

    Hometown: Kenosha, Wis.

    “I chose nursing over anything else because it truly is the most rewarding career! It can be a lot of hard work and stress, but the outcomes and words that patients give you can really make your day.”

    Benjamin Gabbey ?25

    Benjamin Gabbey ’25

    Majors: Nursing

    Hometown: Wind Lake, WI

    “I have never felt as welcomed or accepted as I have here.”

    Michelle Gorney ?25

    Michelle Gorney ’25

    Majors: Nursing

    Hometown: Oswego, Illinois

    “I love how the faculty are so easy to reach out to. I love how close people are here with one another. And I love the atmosphere in general.”

    Devon Kuhn

    Devon Kuhn ’26

    Majors: Nursing

    Minors: Spanish

    Hometown: Leesburg, Indiana

    “I chose Carthage because of the Nursing Program and the faculty-to-student ratio.”

    Abigail Wetzel

    Abigail Wetzel ’24

    Majors: Nursing

    Hometown: Peoria, Illinois

    “My favorite memory has just been meeting some of my best friends here on campus through being a nursing student and a resident assistant. Having so much love and support through my college years has been my absolute favorite memory.”

    Joseph White

    Joseph White ’24

    Majors: Nursing

    Hometown: Kenosha, Wisconsin

    “Other students should consider the nursing major if they’re really passionate about providing care to people on a physical, mental, and emotional level.”

    Kyle Williamson ?24

    Kyle Williamson ’24

    Majors: Nursing

    Hometown: Minooka, IL

    “The Carthage nursing faculty taught me the importance of believing in my ability to impact the lives of others — not only physically, but mentally.”