For students who are interested in a career in pharmacy, Carthage offers a dual-degree program with Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science in North Chicago. Students spend three years at Carthage studying chemistry and then four years at Rosalind Franklin’s College of Pharmacy, leading to a Bachelor of Arts in chemistry from Carthage and a Doctor of Pharmacy from Rosalind Franklin.

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Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry

Carthage will grant a Bachelor of Arts degree in chemistry to those Carthage students who:

  • Successfully complete at least 96 credits at Carthage,
  • Meet the degree requirements specified in the Carthage catalog at the time of admission to Carthage, and
  • Successfully complete 45 pharmacy credits at Rosalind Franklin University.


  • Successfully complete the Rosalind Franklin courses YPHS 503 Pharmaceutics III and YPHS 601A Pharmacology. These courses satisfy the Carthage chemistry requirement for two upper-level chemistry courses.
  • Successfully complete BIO 2300 Cell Biology and one other Writing Intensive course at Carthage in addition to the Western Heritage core, to satisfy Carthage’s Writing Intensive requirement.
  • Fulfill Carthage’s senior thesis requirement by successfully completing a research experience at Rosalind Franklin during a summer term. Students will have co-mentors from both Carthage and Rosalind Franklin. Carthage students must write a 25-page research paper and present a 15-minute oral presentation on the research project to the Carthage Chemistry Department faculty. The research paper and oral presentation must be assessed as satisfactory by at least three members of the Carthage chemistry faculty.

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Doctor of Pharmacy

Rosalind Franklin University agrees to grant a Doctor of Pharmacy degree to those Carthage students who successfully complete the Carthage dual-degree requirements and the pharmacy degree requirements as specified in the Rosalind Franklin University catalog at the time of admission to Rosalind Franklin University.

Rosalind Franklin University gives priority status and considers admission to the Doctor of Pharmacy program to Carthage students who have met the following criteria:

  • Successful completion of the pre-pharmacy Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry portion of the dual-degree program.
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50.
  • Minimum GPA of 2.33 in the specified math and science courses.
  • Positive recommendation of the Carthage pre-pharmacy advisor.

Each Carthage pre-pharmacy student requesting admission to the Rosalind Franklin University Pharmacy Program will submit the appropriate Rosalind Franklin University application for admission, application fee, an official transcript from Carthage, and any other necessary transcripts or credentials in support of his or her application, as required by university policy. Upon completion of all application materials, applicants will be given priority status and evaluated as soon as possible for early consideration for admission.

Getting Started

Students who plan to participate in the 3+4 dual-degree program in pharmacy should contact Prof. Christine Blaine, pre-pharmacy advisor, at Incoming freshmen should work with their first-year advisors and Prof. Blaine to ensure all degree requirements will be met within three years.