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The photography minor provides a breadth of photography experience designed to allow students to build a range of photographic knowledge and skills. This focused study in photography allows students to develop an artistic voice and professional skills for creating meaningful images. Students have the option to extend their photography skills into video and film.


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We live in a visual society. Images connect us globally and impact decision-making. We engage you in becoming photographers and image innovators. 

The photography minor provides a combination of art history and studio practices concentrated in photography that will assist students in their artistic and professional development. Within this minor, students may choose to pursue coursework that emphasizes the darkroom process, digital processes, or a combination of both.

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Beyond the Classroom

Photography showing Student Exhibit Opportunities

Students at Carthage have many opportunities to show their work. The Student Art Gallery in the Campbell Student Union exhibits mainly two-dimensional work, including photographs, drawings, paintings, and illustrations. In addition, the H. F. Johnson Gallery of Art houses student exhibits during the year, including the Annual Student Art Exhibition. Previous exhibitions have included student work in photographs, video art, short films, animations, and sound art, along with drawings, paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and other art mediums.

Art Museums and Galleries

Carthage is located one hour from Chicago and Milwaukee, providing excellent access to world-renowned galleries, exhibition opportunities, and internships.

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