Many Carthage physics graduates have gone on to graduate school or landed exciting jobs at major companies. Watch the videos below to hear about their experiences at Carthage and their careers in physics.

Henry Meyer ’22, Medical Physics PhD Student at the MD Anderson Cancer Center Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Alana King ’22, Executive Assistant at Lockheed Martin

Austin Weber ’20, Satellite Systems Engineer at CesiumAstro

Celestine Ananda ’20, Aerospace Engineering PhD Student at the University of Colorado Boulder

Nycole Wenner ’19, Graduate Student at Northwestern University

Monica Kasper ’18, Sustainability Consultant at Accenture 

Jordan Rice ’17, Configuration Manager at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Michael Merritt ’17, Research Scientist at Teledyne Scientific & Imaging

Stephanie Ortland ’17, Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Kellianne Rubrecht ’14, Accelerator Operations Specialist at Fermilab

Erin Martin ’09, Systems Engineer at Barrios Technology

Ben Burch ’06, Director of Data Science at Midwest Employers Casualty

Jillian Theobald ’01, Medical Director at Wisconsin Poison Center

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