Amosia Agee-Hill ?22

    Amosia Agee-Hill

    Majors: Physics

    Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

    “I chose Carthage because of its partnership with the Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium and the opportunities offered for undergraduate research in the Physics Department.”

    Purity Bundi ?22

    Purity Bundi

    Majors: Physics

    Minors: Mathematics

    Hometown: Nyamira, Kenya

    “The relationships I have formed with Carthage faculty members have enabled me to acquire opportunities and meet people I wouldn’t have met.”

    Liam Carls ?23

    Liam Carls

    Majors: Physics

    Minors: Meteorology and Climatology

    Hometown: Racine, Wis.

    “I’ve been so fortunate to be able to fly onboard the zero-gravity plane, G-Force One! As I am a part of the space science projects with the Microgravity Team, I’ve designed and built experiments that gather experimental data in a zero-gravity environment.”

    Andrew Hallstrom 22

    Andrew Hallstrom

    Majors: Physics

    Minors: Biology and Mathematics

    Hometown: Roscoe, Illinois

    “Physics is a great major to choose because there are so many directions you can go after college. You can choose to go to graduate school to get a master’s degree or a doctorate, or you can go straight into the workforce.”

    Henry Meyer

    Majors: Physics

    Minors: Mathematics

    Hometown: Schaumburg, Illinois

    “Physics is one of the most fulfilling majors one could pursue. It allows you to rigorously question the foundational principles of the universe.”