Nicole Biba ?24

    Nicole Biba ’24

    Majors: Political Science, Criminal Justice

    Minors: Music

    Hometown: Cuba City, Wis.

    “I really enjoy political science because of all of the thought that goes into it. I love learning about the different types of government that different people think is best.”

    Justin Girodat

    Justin Girodat ’24

    Majors: Political Science

    Minors: Women and Gender Studies, Business Administration

    Hometown: Avon, Minn.

    “I chose Carthage because of the location, community, and success the volleyball program here at Carthage has had.”

    Tyler Kelly ?24

    Tyler Kelly ’24

    Majors: International Political Economy and Political Science

    Minors: Social Justice

    Hometown: Franklin, WI

    “I really enjoyed my J-Term study tour to Peru, which expanded my global perspective, taught me about the impact of tourism, and was certainly the trip of a lifetime.”

    Katherine Taylor Retek

    Katherine Taylor Retek ’24

    Majors: Political Science & Musical Theatre

    Hometown: Rensselaer, Ind.

    “Getting the chance to perform here at Carthage is a rewarding experience. Not only for yourself but for those who take the time to come and support the show. Every time you perform a story, you act in a way that conveys you. Everyone should be able to have the chance to perform once in their lifetime because you may never know how it might change your individuality once you do try.”