Nicole Biba ?24

    Nicole Biba

    Majors: Political Science, Criminal Justice

    Minors: Music

    Hometown: Cuba City, Wis.

    “I really enjoy political science because of all of the thought that goes into it. I love learning about the different types of government that different people think is best.”

    Samuel Croak ?22

    Samuel Croak

    Majors: Political Science and Economics

    Hometown: Crete, Illinois

    “I have formed many cordial relationships with professors both inside and outside my two departments of study. Moreover, I always feel like I can have a friendly and honest conversation with any professor I meet. The campus itself provides many opportunities to meet with faculty, both inside and outside of class.”

    Emily Frost ?23

    Emily Frost

    Majors: Political Science

    Minors: Religion, Women’s and Gender Studies

    Hometown: Montgomery, Illinois

    “Whenever I had a difficult time (either in my personal life or academically), my political science and women’s and gender studies professors were there for me. Almost all of them would adjust due dates if needed and provide me with extra support as well.”

    Tyler Kelly ?24

    Tyler Kelly

    Majors: International Political Economy and Political Science

    Minors: Social Justice

    Hometown: Franklin, WI

    “I think students should strongly consider majoring in something interdisciplinary because it opens many doors.”

    Abby Trch ?23

    Abby Trch

    Majors: Political Science

    Minors: Women’s and Gender Studies, Social Justice

    Hometown: Algonquin, Illinois

    “I traveled to Peru as part of a J-Term study tour. I can’t even begin to describe how meaningful and life-changing this experience was. I could never get the same kind of experience inside a classroom. I visited Machu Picchu, met indigenous communities, and observed how tourism affected women, the environment, and more.”