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Interested in a health career? Carthage’s rigorous classes will equip you with a thorough knowledge of the basic sciences and the ability to think on your feet. Plus, you’ll have chances to tackle health issues head-on in communities near or far. We’ll help you find the right path for your skills and ambitions.

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The health fields are changing rapidly, with new therapies and models of care always on the horizon. The best-prepared medical practitioners are adaptable and have a comprehensive education.

  • <div class="text-with-stat__stat"><div class="text-with-stat__stat-inner"><strong class="text-with-stat__stat-number">96%</strong><span class="text-with-stat__stat-text"><p> medical school acceptance rate among Carthage pre-health students.</p></span></div></div>

To prepare for advanced study in the health fields, you will develop a broad knowledge of the sciences and the ability to think on your feet. Those who declare a pre-health concentration can choose any major — popular options include allied health science, biology, chemistry, exercise and sport science, neuroscience, and psychology.

Undergraduate Research

Research is built into the Carthage experience through lab and field experiments, the required senior thesis, and options such as the paid Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE). Mentored by faculty in the sciences, you can take on projects in genomics, wildlife ecology, physiology, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other research areas.

Beyond the Classroom

There is an active community of supportive student organizations that organize activities for students in health-related fields, mentor them through exam preparation, and provide networking opportunities. You are encouraged to participate in the Pre-Health Club, Pre-Physician Assistant Club, and neuroscience, biology, and chemistry societies.

Like many Carthage students considering careers in the health fields, you can participate in the medical mission to Nicaragua study tour, through which you can contribute to addressing public health in the clinical setting and developing clean water resources.

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