Students who are interested in a career in law, criminal justice, politics, or debate can greatly benefit from taking Carthage’s Mock Trial course. Students who participate in this course will become a member of the nationally-competitive Carthage Mock Trial Team and will represent Carthage in the annual American Mock Trial Association Tournament.

The Mock Trial Course: CRJ 3300

The 2018 Mock Trial tournament was held at the Kenosha County Courthouse. In this course, students study all aspects of trial court proceedings and the litigation process. They develop an understanding of how both criminal and civil trials work and learn about the various roles played by the participants in the trial court process. Students act as plaintiff and defense attorneys, prosecutors, witnesses, and judges. Students also work on important skills such as public speaking, critical thinking, negotiation, communication, debating, and team building. Students who take the course may receive 1-4 course credit hours in criminal justice, management, or political science as a part of their general electives.

Students in all academic years are able to take the course, which is offered in the fall semester. Please note: Enrollment may be limited and may require the permission of the instructor. Students receive course credit upon completion of the regional tournament and, if applicable, the national tournament, which occurs each spring.

Success in the regional tournament against teams from Marquette, UW-Madison, UW-Milwaukee, University of Michigan, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Loyola, University of Minnesota, University of Chicago, and other regional schools will mean the opportunity to advance to the national tournament, where up to $20,000 in scholarship money may be awarded.

Carthage Mock Trial Success

  • Outstanding Witness Awards
  • Outstanding Plaintiff, Prosecution, and Defense Attorney Awards
  • Spirit of Mock Trial Award
  • Top 6 percent of all collegiate Mock Trial teams in 2016

Carthage Mock Trial Team is a nationally competitive team that participates in several tournaments each academic year. In 2015-16, the team reached the National Championship Tournament and finished the season ranked 43rd out of more than 650 teams nationwide, placing Carthage in the top 6 percent of all collegiate Mock Trial teams. The team received its first bid to the national championship after finishing second in the American Mock Trial Association’s Opening Round Championship Series (ORCS). At ORCS, Carthage Mock Trial defeated the University of Notre Dame (ranked No. 43 in the country), Xavier University (ranked No. 16), and Miami University (ranked No. 4), to reach the national championship series. The team entered the 2015-16 year ranked No. 273 and finished at No. 43.

Annually, team members receive various honors, including awards for Outstanding Witness and Outstanding Plaintiff, Prosecution, and Defense Attorneys. Carthage has also won the Spirit of Mock Trial Award, which is given to the team that best exemplifies Mock Trial’s ideals of civility, justice, and fair play. The honor speaks volumes about the professionalism, commitment, and camaraderie displayed by our teams.

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Contact Us

Students interested in joining Carthage Mock Trial Team should contact:

Professor Michael Phegley, J.D.
Director, Mock Trial Program; Associate Professor of Management and Marketing
Clausen Center 214


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