Brianna Jordan ?23

    Brianna Jordan

    Majors: Studio Art, Psychology

    Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    “My relationship with faculty has helped me succeed because of their motivation and support.”

    Michael Motyka

    Majors: Psychology

    Minors: Biology

    Hometown: River Grove, Illinois

    “I was able to perform my own intervention for my senior thesis as well as give a presentation on my results. I also participated in behavioral research on rats, cancer research in zebrafish, and bacteriophage research.”

    Holly Pelnar

    Majors: Psychology

    Minors: Sociology

    Hometown: Tinley Park, Illinois

    “I chose Carthage because I wanted to know my professors. I like how supportive and helpful the faculty is here at Carthage.”

    Gianna Trippiedi

    Majors: Neuroscience, Psychology

    Minors: Chemistry, Biology

    Hometown: Addison, Illinois

    “Do not limit your interests! Join clubs, go to events that pique your interest, and have fun with your college experience.”