Savita Chandarana

    Savita Chandarana ’24

    Majors: Neuroscience and Psychology

    Minors: Biology

    Hometown: Lockport, Illinois

    “Carthage has something for everyone, allowing you to make friends with similar interests and share your passions with others.”

    Jude Dzurak

    Jude Dzurak ’24

    Majors: Psychology

    Minors: Women’s and Gender Studies

    Hometown: Oak Lawn, Illinois

    “The biggest surprise so far has been the fun things I get to do in some of my classes. Each class has had an interesting experience and something unique to it that has made it fun.”

    Luke Ehlert ?24

    Luke Ehlert ’24

    Majors: Neuroscience and Psychology

    Hometown: Mount Prospect, IL

    “The professors are truly passionate about their research and teaching, which in turn made me more passionate about research and learning. My relationships with my professors are the thing I love the most about Carthage.”

    Zoey Kurka

    Zoey Kurka ’25

    Majors: English and Psychology

    Minors: Music

    Hometown: Arlington Heights, Illinois

    “The Carthage faculty are amazing. My professors taught me so much and inspired me to enjoy the work I do in the classroom. The encouragement I’ve received from them has been one of my greatest helpers at college.”

    Amber Redmond

    Amber Redmond ’24

    Majors: Psychology and Studio Art

    Hometown: White Bear Lake, MN

    “Growing up, I always thought college wouldn’t be for me and everyone did their own thing, but Carthage is a strong community and everyone wants to see you succeed.”

    Lin Sensenbrenner

    Lin Sensenbrenner ’26

    Majors: Psychology and Neuroscience

    Minors: Studio Art

    Hometown: Sun Prairie, WI

    “Carthage faculty and staff have helped me feel welcomed on campus, and they engage in a hands-on and personal way with my learning.”

    Shahrazad Shahin ?26

    Shahrazad Shahin ’26

    Majors: Psychology

    Minors: Japanese

    Hometown: Corinth, MS

    “My heart would skip a beat every time I saw the campus and looked at all the banners around the school. That’s when I knew this was the college for me.”

    Summer Zilisch

    Summer Zilisch ’26

    Majors: Neuroscience, Psychology

    Minors: Chemistry

    Hometown: Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

    “I chose Carthage because of its exceptional academic programs, supportive community, and commitment to fostering growth. The College’s reputation for personalized education aligns perfectly with my aspiration to excel as a double major/minor student.”