Public relations majors must complete CDM 4030 Senior Seminar for Public Relations Majors. The successful design of a campaign is a crucial component of this course and is essential for the assessment of effective student learning in the major. CDM 4030 is required, regardless of what additional majors a student may be pursuing.

Every Carthage student is required to submit a senior thesis or capstone project to demonstrate their mastery of their chosen area of study.

Here is a look at recent projects Carthage communication and digital media students have created for this requirement:

  • “Oversharing on Social Media: Effects on Mental Health”
  • “Public Relations Campaigns and Social Media of Pediatric Cancer Organizations”
  • “Doing Good by Communicating Well: The Role of Non-profits in Corporate Social Responsibility”
  • “Carthage College: A Case Study of Crisis Management”
  • “How Has Public Opinion Affected Crisis Management Within the NFL?”
  • “Athletes and Social Media”
  • “Gender Stereotypes in Sports Media”
  • “Generation Y: Social Media’s Effect on Interpersonal Communication”
  • “‘Slayers, Every One of Us’: Buffy on Challenging Patriarchal Systems”
  • “A Generation for Change: Calibrating Non-Profits for Millennial Communication”
  • “How the Media Affirms Stereotypes Between the French and Americans”
  • “Gone Girl: Society’s Rejection of Female Defiance”
  • “Battered Self Image: Modern Advertising Modes and the American Adolescent”
  • “Trade Shows and Communication”
  • “Effects of Technology on Early Childhood Education”
  • “Sensational American Media: The Modern Day Gossip Monger”
  • “Web Page to Book Page: YouTube Creators Becoming Authors”
  • “Likes and Tweets: Music Promotion and Social Media”
  • “Brand Personality: A Theory of Advertising”
  • “The Impact of Public Relations on Modern Municipalities”
  • “The Death of Television and Rise of Viral Marketing”
  • “Crisis Communication Management and the National Football League”
  • “Media as a Human Entity”
  • “The Witch of the West: A Character’s Mediated Evolution”
  • “Communicating with Millennials in the Workplace: How to Turn Negative Generational Stereotypes into Effective Communication Practices”