Emily Cain ?24

    Emily Cain ’24

    Majors: Public Relations

    Minors: Criminal Justice

    Hometown: Oak Creek, Wis.

    “Public relations is so much more than just looking at social media; it’s about working with people, dealing with crises in a professional manner, and helping an organization gain trust with the public. With a PR degree, you are able to create the type of job you want for yourself.”

    Megan Christian ?24

    Megan Christian ’24

    Majors: Public Relations, Communication

    Hometown: Johnson Creek, Wisconsin

    “Other students should consider PR and communication as majors because there are a wide variety of jobs in both fields. At Carthage, these majors are especially enjoyable because you really get to know your professors and the people within your major.”

    James Coakley

    James Coakley ’24

    Majors: Public Relations

    Minors: Communication

    Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

    “Public relations is very important, especially nowadays with social media and technology. You learn how to properly curate an organization’s brand and public image.”

    Danae Palmer

    Danae Palmer ’25

    Majors: Musical Theatre

    Minors: Public Relations

    Hometown: Sterling, Ill.

    “My advice for you is to do what you love. There is always something out there in the real world after college that you can use your degree for. Don’t let caution or fear of the future stop you from doing what you love.”

    Magdalena Werger ?24

    Magdalena Werger ’24

    Majors: Public Relations

    Minors: Religion and Political Science

    Hometown: Minneapolis, Minn.

    “I was surprised at how smooth the transition from high school to college was! I feel very supported at Carthage, and I know that if I have a question of any sort, there are people all around to help me.”