Brad Eden

    Brad Eden

    Class Year: ’82

    Majors: Religion and Music

    Current Hometown: Valparaiso, Indiana


    Dean of Library Services at the University of Valparaiso

    “I learned how to view people’s perspectives and viewpoints from many angles, without rushing to judgment.”

    Allison Johnson ?12

    Allison Johnson

    Class Year: ’12

    Majors: Neuroscience

    Current Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin


    Pastor at Journey in Faith Church

    “Carthage shaped me to be a curious, thoughtful, and open-minded individual. My experience taught me not only to believe in myself, but also to approach the world with humility, knowing that everyone and everything has something to teach me.”

    ryan schiable ?08

    Ryan Schaible

    Class Year: ’08

    Majors: Religion

    Current Hometown: Oswego, IL


    Director of Community Cares at Community Christian Church

    “Carthage taught me to think deeply about faith and theology…I spent 12 years in youth ministry and made a career transition to social work. I recently returned to church-based ministry and truly love the work I am doing!”