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Introduction to Social Justice and Social Welfare

SWK 1300 / 4 credits 
This course introduces students to foundational critical theories used in deconstructing one’s own identity, privilege, and oppression. Utilizing these critical theories, students will examine the lived experiences of people with intersecting identities and identify how policies, laws, and culture impact different groups. Using a historical lens, this course examines how social injustices were created and perpetuated within the U.S. By understanding historical context, students will critically evaluate systems and institutions that maintain inequities and discrimination. Students will engage in self-awareness, building critical cultural consciousness for social change, develop culturally sensitive practices to manage bias and privilege, and challenge institutionalized discrimination within their fields of study.

Human Behavior in the Social Environment (SOC)

SWK 2400 / 4 credits 
This course will focus on human development and behavior across the life span with a particular focus on how people interact with, adapt to, and are constrained by the world around them. Specifically, we will examine the impact of systems and structures of oppression on human development and wellbeing. Using an anti-oppression lens, this course focuses on bodies of knowledge and theory that help to explain the intimate and extended contexts that shape human development and the complex interactions between person and context. Content on individuals, families, groups, organizations, communities, culture, social structure, and political and economic forces will be covered.
Prerequisites for Social Work majors and Social Justice minor: SWK 1300 and SOC 1000 or department approval
Prerequisite for all other majors: SOC 1000 or department approval

Ethics and Leadership in a Multicultural Society

SWK 2600 / 4 credits 
This course is designed for students coming from any major at the College and examines ethics and leadership from a wide range of professional and disciplinary perspectives. Students will learn about various ethical frameworks, and multicultural understandings of ethics and leadership. Students will apply these ethical frameworks to contemporary case studies as a way to develop critical ethical thinking skills, particularly as it relates to socially responsible leadership in our contemporary global society.
Prerequisites for Social Work major and Social Justice minors: SWK 2400 or department approval
Prerequisite for others: Sophomore standing

Social Welfare Policy Analysis (SOC) (DIV)

SWK 3100 / 4 credits 
Study of the past, present, and possible future of social welfare programming with an emphasis on the general process of policy making, including the interaction of social, economic, and political influences. The course will include critical analysis of several specific social welfare issues and problems. Social Work majors should take this course in the spring of Junior year.
Prerequisite for Social Work majors and Social Justice minors: SWK 2600
Prerequisite for others: Sophomore standing or instructor permission