Carthage offers a major in social work. The Social Work Program is fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. Students interested in a degree in social work must apply for admission to the Social Work Program.

To earn a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work from Carthage, students must complete the Carthage Core, Distribution Requirements, and the social work major requirements listed below. 


Social Work Major

The social work major consists of 11 social work courses and four supporting courses. See admission requirements. There is no requirement in the social work major to also carry a minor.

Note: It is very important that all transfer students see the department chair immediately upon acceptance to Carthage. The Social Work Department does not offer course credit for life experience or previous work experience.

Required Courses (40 credits)
  • SWK 1300 Introduction to Social Justice and Social Welfare (4 credits)
  • SWK 2400 Human Behavior in the Social Environment (4 credits)
  • SWK 2600 Ethics and Leadership in a Multicultural Society (4 credits)
  • SWK 3000 Social Welfare Research (4 credits)
  • SWK 3100 Social Welfare Policy Analysis (4 credits)
  • SWK 3300 Introduction to Social Work Practice (4 credits)
  • SWK 4200 Advanced Social Work Practice (4 credits)
  • SWK 4300 Integrative Seminar (4 credits)
  • SWK 4610 Social Work Field Placement I (4 credits)
  • SWK 4620 Social Work Field Placement II (4 credits)
Choose One (4 credits)
  • SWK 2650 Wounded Hearts: Interdisciplinary Exploration of Trauma and Recovery (4 credits)
  • SWK 2700 Trauma Across Social Context (4 credits)
Prerequisites — Complete All By the End of Sophomore Year (12 credits)
  • WMG Any course offering in Women’s and Gender Studies (4 credits)
  • POL 2400 American Government: National, State, and Local (4 credits)
  • SOC 1000 Introduction to Sociology (4 credits)
Choose One (4 credits)
  • ECN 1030 Issues in Economics (4 credits)
  • ECN 3250 Economics of Poverty and Income Inequality (4 credits)
  • WMG 3500 Global Poverty (4 credits)

Senior Thesis

All students will complete a senior project in SWK 4300.

Honors in the Major

Please see the department chair for details. Basic requirements are listed under All-College Programs in the catalog.


Current students: You should follow the official College Catalog from the year you entered Carthage and work with your advisors and the department chair to ensure all requirements are met.