Brianna Hernandez

    Majors: Social Work

    Minors: Sociology

    Hometown: Bensenville, Illinois

    “There are so many professors who have played a bigger role in my life than just the word ‘teacher’ can ever describe. They’ve each taught me something that I’ve gotten to take with me on my own personal journey.”

    Sienna Hirsch

    Majors: Social Work

    Minors: Spanish, Studio Art

    Hometown: Greenfield, WI

    “In the Social Work Department, everyone has the common goal of seeking social change and justice. We may have different areas of interest, but when you look at the big picture, you can see that what we really care about is the wellbeing of others.”

    Annie Shirley

    Majors: Social Work

    Minors: Sociology and Women’s and Gender Studies

    Hometown: Plano, Ill.

    “The biggest surprise is how quickly Carthage became like a home for me. I was surprised by how many great friends I made and how much my professors really cared about me.”

    Kylee Straka

    Majors: Social Work

    Minors: Psychology

    Hometown: Racine, WI

    “Social workers are very important advocates for marginalized groups in society.”