Yadalia De Leon

    Ydalia De Leon ’25

    Majors: Social Work

    Minors: Sociology

    Hometown: Caledonia, Wisconsin

    “I chose Carthage because of the programs it has to offer! No matter how I want to spend my time at Carthage, I feel there will always be something for me.”

    Emily Van Dixhorn

    Emily Van Dixhorn ’26

    Majors: Social Work and Chinese

    Hometown: Eden Prairie, MN

    “All the social work classes I have taken are so interesting, and the professors really want the students to learn and grow.”

    Gabriella Tanguay

    Gabriella Tanguay ’25

    Majors: Social Work

    Minors: Criminal Justice

    Hometown: Lockport , Illinois

    “Students should consider social work because it is an eye-opening major that completely changes how people view the world. It is a major that aims at being the groundwork for helping people.”