Nina Alfano ?24

    Nina Alfano

    Majors: Sociology

    Hometown: Kenosha, Wis.

    “Sociology is amazing and I’ve learned so much information that connects to my other courses that have been useful. I’m learning about our world and how everyone can be equal with equity.”

    Nadine Broeffle Two Rivers ?22

    Nadine Broeffle Two Rivers

    Majors: Social Sciences — Broad Field

    Minors: Secondary Education, Sociology

    Hometown: Green Bay, Wisconsin

    “Carthage faculty members have helped me in so many ways. I could never thank them enough for the support and help they offered me in times of need.”

    Luisa Nava

    Majors: Sociology, Criminal Justice

    Minors: Spanish, Women’s and Gender Studies

    Hometown: Cary, Ill.

    “My relationships with the faculty members within my majors are both professional and personal. They never fail to help me out whenever I need it.”

    Kayla Raye

    Majors: Chinese and Sociology

    Minors: Women and Gender Studies

    Hometown: Mundelein, Illinois

    “I transferred to Carthage my sophomore year because I was looking for more support and resources. Carthage has really amazing professors and course offerings.”

    Serena Richardson ?24

    Serena Richardson

    Majors: Spanish and Sociology

    Minors: Women’s and Gender Studies

    Hometown: Milwaukee, Wis.

    “I took a dance class — Tap II — just for fun, and it was an absolute blast! I randomly decided to take Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies because a friend had recommended it to me, and now that’s my minor. You don’t know what you might like unless you try it!”