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Elementary Spanish I (MLA)

SPN 1010 / 4 credits 
This course teaches listening and speaking skills in Spanish through active participation by the students in communicative situations. By the end of the course, the students are able to comprehend and communicate orally in a culturally acceptable manner, using basic language structures and common vocabulary related to everyday topics and communication needs.

Elementary Spanish II (MLA)

SPN 1020 / 4 credits 
This course teaches listening, speaking, reading, and some writing skills in Spanish through active participation by the students in a wide variety of communicative contexts. By the end of the course, the students are able to comprehend, communicate orally, read intelligently, and write simply in Spanish, using basic language structures. They will also be able to employ constructively a broad range of vocabulary related to the themes studied and to survival communication and cultural needs.
Prerequisite: SPN 1010 or equivalent

Intermediate Spanish I

SPN 2010 / 4 credits 
This course teaches listening, speaking, reading comprehension, and basic writing skills in sequential development following 1010/1020, using a variety of original texts in Spanish and exposing students to native Spanish speakers and cultural events.
Prerequisite: SPN 1020 or equivalent

Intermediate Spanish II

SPN 2020 / 4 credits 
Expanding on Spanish 2010, this course provides original texts, film media, music, and cross-cultural experiences. Students speak and read using all verb tenses and a broad range of structures and vocabulary. They create original compositions at their level, geared to their interests.
Prerequisite: SPN 2010 or equivalent

Advanced Spanish I

SPN 3010 / 4 credits 
This course continues the linguistic and cultural experiences of 2010/2020. Grammar and phonetics are studied in relation to the language skills the students have acquired. Cultural inquiry and current foreign events are emphasized. Original compositions are linked to course goals as well as student interests. Majors and minors are required to pass a target language competency exam during the term in which they take 3010.
Prerequisite: SPN 2020 or equivalent

Spanish Conversation

SPN 3030 / 1 credits 
An opportunity for extended use of the target language to improve oral fluency and proficiency. A wide range of communicative opportunities will encourage active exploration of the target culture. (The course can be repeated for up to a total of 4 credits.) S or U.
Prerequisite: SPN 3010 or equivalent

Spanish Composition

SPN 3040 / 4 credits 
The course will focus on writing as a process. Using the workshop format, students will be involved in the different stages of writing from beginning to end.
Prerequisites: Students’ writing will be evaluated in 3010. Those students who would benefit from further writing opportunities will enroll in 3040 before they are permitted to enroll in courses above 3010.
Prerequisite: SPN 3010

Intensive Spanish Encounter

SPN 3050 / 4 credits 
This intensive conversation course will increase the students’ ability to express themselves orally in a wide variety of everyday situations, while interacting with the Hispanic culture. Contact with resources from the Hispanic community as well as contextualized in-class course activities will improve overall oral expression and extend awareness of cultural practices.
Prerequisite: SPN 2020

Spanish-Speaking World: Social, Political, and Economic Issues (HUM)

SPN 3080 / 4 credits 
Students will learn about social, political, and economic issues affecting the Spanish-speaking world, using a variety of media and texts. Issues will be discussed within the context of the contemporary world, and an examination of the historical background will further students’ understanding of these issues in their cultural context.
Prerequisites: SPN 3010 and SPNL 3010 or consent of instructor

Spanish-Speaking World: Cultural and Intellectual Life (HUM)

SPN 3090 / 4 credits 
Students will study major currents of cultural and intellectual life in Spanish-speaking regions. Topics will range from high culture to daily life. Students will examine the historical background of cultural manifestations. A variety of media including printed texts will guide students’ understanding of both past and present cultural life.
Prerequisites: SPN 3010 and SPNL 3010 or consent of instructor

Interpreting Written Texts (HUM)

SPN 3110 / 4 credits 
Students will learn to read and discuss in Spanish a range of Spanish texts. They will be exposed to the Spanish literary tradition and learn to interpret textual intentions and assumptions.
Prerequisites: SPN 3010 and SPNL 3010

Spanish Literacy for Business and Economics

SPN 3200 / 4 credits 
This class focuses on Spanish reading and writing for business-related purposes. It is intended to raise the literacy level of heritage speakers of Spanish who intend to pursue business careers, so that they may make better use of their Spanish language skills in the workplace. It is also open to non-heritage speakers of Spanish who have a high level of listening comprehension. All instruction and assignments will be in Spanish.

Senior Seminar in Spanish

SPN 4010 / 4 credits 
A capstone experience in which the students will study the theoretical foundations of Spanish studies (cultural as well as literary). They will be introduced to the problems of translation. A major component of the course will be the preparation of an independent research paper, the Senior Thesis, which will culminate in a formal oral presentation of the results of the investigation as well as in a major paper written in Spanish.
Prerequisites: Senior standing or consent of instructor and GNR 3510 Spring

Hispanic Theatre (HUM)

SPN 4240 / 4 credits 
Students stage a play in Spanish. Students also read and discuss related texts; these include such topics as other plays that contextualize the play being performed or texts expanding on cultural or historical issues raised by it. The course may fulfill a topics course requirement of the major.
Prerequisites: SPN 3080 or 3090 and 3110 and GNR 3510 or consent of instructor Spring

Spanish Competency Exam

SPNL3010 / 0 credits 
This is a noncredit, pass-fail course for students who will be taking the Spanish Competency Exam (usually while they are also enrolled in Spanish 3010). A passing grade in this course is required for subsequent upper-division Spanish courses.

Immersion Abroad

GNR 3510 / 12-16 credits
Linguistic and cultural immersion abroad for one term in an academic setting in a country speaking the target language. Classroom instruction for all courses, regardless of discipline, will be in the target language. (In exceptional cases, approval may be granted for substituting two summers for the term.)
P/ F Prerequisites for applying study abroad to the major in any modern language: MLA 2200, 3010, 3110, and one of 3080 or 3090

Cultural Awareness

MLA 2200 / 1 credits
Preparation for encountering cultural differences that will be part of the linguistic and cultural immersion experiences (either in the U.S. or abroad). The focus of the course will include values clarification, cultural diversity, multicultural awareness training, and culture shock orientation. Majors who have returned from study abroad will give presentations on their experiences and be contributors to course content and activities.
Prerequisite: 2020 or equivalent in target language