Students studying Spanish at Carthage have many opportunities to enrich their education.

Student Organizations

Carthage Spanish students can get involved in a number of student organizations dedicated to putting what’s learned in the classroom into practice. Join Mi Gente, Alpha Mu Gamma, the International Friendship Society, and more!

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Target Language Experts

At Carthage, introductory language courses are taught by native speakers. The College hires graduate students from around the world to come to Carthage to share their language and culture. These Target Language Experts bring an energy and authenticity to modern language courses, giving students new to a language a vibrant and exciting introduction.
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Modern Language Scholarship

Carthage offers two Spanish scholarships to each incoming class. The scholarships cover $25,000 per year and are renewable for four years.

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January Term is a month-long period of study in January in which all academic departments at Carthage offer innovative courses on campus as well as study tours in other countries. Recent J-Term offerings from the Modern Languages Department include:

  • Argentina: Cross-Cultural and Global Business Studies: A business/modern languages study tour to Argentina
  • After the Peace: Causes and Consequences of the Guatemalan Civil War: An economics/modern languages course in Guatemala
  • Spain: Intensive Language Study: A full month in Spain studying language and culture
  • The Spanish Civil War: An on-campus course studying the war’s origins and consequences
  • Heroes, Dreamers, and Scoundrels of Spain: El Cid, Don Quijote, and Don Juan: An on-campus course focusing on translated works and films

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Study Abroad

All modern language majors must study abroad for at least one term. Carthage offers courses prior to traveling abroad that prepare students both linguistically and culturally for this experience. Students have traveled to Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, and Spain. Carthage is affiliated with several reputable institutions in order to provide our students with academically rigorous, high-quality international programs in a variety of locations around the globe.

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Service Learning

Carthage offers modern language students the opportunity to utilize their language skills in a variety of settings by volunteering as language instructors, translators, tutors, and support personnel in Kenosha area schools and other organizations. Students have also volunteered in service-learning situations in other countries.