Elizabeth Dopke

    Majors: Spanish

    Minors: Music and Secondary Education

    Hometown: Cary, Illinois

    “My favorite Carthage class is a tie between the J-Term class I took in Guatemala and the J-Term class in Spain. I learned so much in both classes, met some amazing people, and got to travel around two countries with some great friends and professors!”

    Trisha Garcia

    Majors: Spanish

    Minors: Sociology and Educational Studies

    Hometown: Burr Ridge, Ilinois

    “All my professors have been brilliant and incredibly impactful. Professor Matt Borden, my advisor and frequent Spanish professor, is a clever and highly supportive individual. He impacted the way I learned the Spanish language and culture, making sure I recognize that they go hand in hand.”

    Serena Richardson ?24

    Serena Richardson

    Majors: Spanish and Sociology

    Minors: Women’s and Gender Studies

    Hometown: Milwaukee, Wis.

    “I took a dance class — Tap II — just for fun, and it was an absolute blast! I randomly decided to take Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies because a friend had recommended it to me, and now that’s my minor. You don’t know what you might like unless you try it!”

    Alex Rogers

    Majors: Japanese and Spanish

    Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan

    “Meeting new people and living on campus has really made my life a lot more fun and interesting. There are so many chances to reach out and make friends on campus.”

    Hailee Sundquist ?24

    Hailee Sundquist

    Majors: Religion, Spanish

    Minors: Music

    Hometown: Cambridge, Wis.

    “I chose Carthage for its small class sizes, location, and the feel for a smaller more personable campus atmosphere.”