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Carthage’s award-winning Theatre Department offers challenging classes, an ambitious performance schedule, and the chance to work with top names in the field. The central campus location allows the Theatre Department to bring in prominent guest artists from Milwaukee and Chicago. Students are active in every facet of Carthage’s original and classic plays.


  • Theatre 
  • Theatre Performance
  • Technical Direction
  • Technical Costume Design
  • Technical Stage Management
    Theatre Education, K-12 Licensure
  • Playwriting — New in 2023!


  • Theatre
    Costume Design

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Best School for Drama and Theater Arts in Wisconsin

Act. Direct. Build. Design. Do it all with Carthage Theatre.

New Play Initiative

Prominent American Playwrights Working with You.

Carthage Theatre is committed to creating exciting, compelling new theatre works. Since 2008, Carthage Theatre has commissioned playwrights of prominence from around the country and the world to create original plays for our department and work closely with our students to bring them to life. These works receive their world premieres here at Carthage. This unique opportunity means that our students collaborate with playwrights currently active in the highest levels of the theatre world.

Carthage is regularly invited to perform these plays at the Kennedy Center’s regional American College Theater Festival, resulting in dozens of national awards and commendations.

Learn more about the New Play Initiative


Performance Opportunities for Theatre Majors

Students have many opportunities to be directly engaged in their craft as Carthage produces four faculty- or guest-directed Main Stage shows each year (one of which is always a musical) and multiple student-directed productions in our studio space.

Our Dance Program features a yearly faculty-choreographed concert and a student concert. Student directors also stage 2-3 full-length productions yearly in our 80-seat studio space.

current theatre season

past theatre performances


Courses in Carthage’s theatre program

Carthage theatre students can take courses in theatre history, directing, playwriting, dance, scene design, costume design, lighting, and more. Budding performers study acting theory, voice training, dance and movement, and scene work.

Acting students receive four semesters of acting theory, voice training, body alignment, and scene work. Students are involved in every aspect of theatrical production. These duties include hanging lights, sewing costumes, stage management, and many others.

Courses you’ll take


Degree Options for theatre majors

Carthage offers bachelor of arts degrees in theatre, theatre performance, technical direction, technical costume design, and technical stage management.

Carthage also offers teacher licensure, a dance minor, a costume design minor, and a degree in musical theatre. Admission to the program is contingent on an audition.

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beyond the classroom

Visiting Professionals

In addition to commissioning guest playwrights through the New Play Initiative, Carthage regularly invites respected professional theatre practitioners to campus to work with students. Recent visiting professionals include Tony Award-winning scenic designer Todd Rosenthal, Steppenwolf casting director Erica Daniels, and Milwaukee Repertory Theater associate artistic director Sandy Ernst. 

Student Organizations

Students may be interested in Neil- Futurists, a rule-breaking theatre group inspired by a Carthage class or improv group Merely Players. Alpha Psi Omega, a national honor society, honors top theatre scholars.

Opportunities for Carthage theatre majors