Paige Downey ?26

    Paige Downey ’26

    Majors: Stage Management and Directing

    Minors: Dance

    Hometown: Wauconda, IL

    “Carthage, unlike big universities, allowed me to work on multiple theatre events and productions my first year instead of having to wait until my junior or senior year.”

    Emily Halfmann ?25

    Emily Halfmann ’25

    Majors: Musical Theatre and Directing

    Minors: Spanish

    Hometown: Peshtigo, Wisconsin

    “The wonderful thing about Carthage is that there are many different types of performance opportunities, so if you don’t get cast in a show right away, there are other opportunities to audition and perform within the department.”

    Sarah Loster ?25

    Sarah Loster ’25

    Majors: Theatre Performance

    Minors: Costume Design and Secondary Education

    Hometown: Carol Stream, Illinois

    “I chose Carthage because it was important for me to be at a college with small classes where I could get to know my professors.”

    Sage McVay ?25

    Sage McVay ’25

    Majors: Theatrical Stage Management

    Minors: Social Justice

    Hometown: Mt. Vernon, Iowa

    “Students should consider being a stage management major because a stage manager is a huge role in the theatre world and is an underrated job. Plus, it is one of the most rewarding fields to go into.”

    Elizabeth Neybert ?25

    Elizabeth Neybert ’25

    Majors: Directing and Musical Theatre

    Minors: Dance

    Hometown: Elgin, Illinois

    “My advisors and professors have encouraged me to take risks and take advantage of opportunities that are presented to me. They have helped me grow as a student and as an artist.”

    Jessie Skonesey

    Jessie Skonesey ’26

    Majors: Theatre Performance

    Minors: French

    Hometown: Mokena, IL

    “My biggest surprise so far was getting the main role in the play ‘Antigone.’ To play the main character in my first play at Carthage was the highlight of my freshman year.”