Marina Adamany ?18

    Marina Adamany

    Class Year: ’18

    Majors: Music and Sociology

    Current Hometown: Naperville, Illinois


    Sales Advisor at Warby Parker

    “The women’s and gender studies classes I took gave me a wider world view. I learned to look at things from other people’s perspectives and not just my own.”

    Emily Conway ?19

    Emily Conway

    Class Year: ’19

    Majors: English


    Environmental Educator and Program Leader at McHenry County Conservation District

    “I love sharing my passion for conservation and environmentalism with my students.”

    Jenna Leazott ?18

    Jenna Leazott

    Class Year: ’18

    Majors: Political Science and Sociology

    Current Hometown: Elmhurst, Illinois


    Short-Term Recruiter for the Young Adults in Global Mission Program for the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America

    “I was taught strategies for resilience, both in my academic and personal life, and my passion for service was fostered throughout my time at Carthage in many different expressions.”

    Marissa Weiler ?14

    Marissa Weiler

    Class Year: ’14

    Majors: Public Relations

    Current Hometown: Kyle, Texas


    Behavior Analyst (BCBA and LBA) at Behavioral Innovations

    “My Carthage experience helped me see that I am not limited to what I can do to make an impact if it is something I am really passionate about. I just can’t be afraid to try and fail to figure out what that is.”


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