The Sports Leadership in Education M.Ed. program was designed for those involved in or interested in coaching and athletics in school settings. This accelerated, hybrid concentration offers a unique internship, custom-designed to meet a student’s sport leadership interests.

This concentration is a sports-appropriate, challenging, and time-manageable M.Ed. track. The leadership concentration was designed to fully prepare students for sports education-related careers.

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Sports Leadership in Education Requirements (30 credits)

M.ED. Core Classes (9 credits)

All M.Ed. candidates are required to take the following:

  • EDU 5060 Foundations of Education (3 credits)
  • EDU 5249 Research Paradigms in Educational Research (3 credits)
  • EDU 5282 Culturally Responsive Instruction (3 credits)
  • EDU 5990 Master’s Degree Capstone Completion (0 credits)
Choose one (3 credits)
  • EDU 5550 Master’s Degree Capstone Experience (3 credits)
  • EDU 5950 Master’s Comprehensive Exam (3 credits)
Additional required courses (18 credits)
  • EDU 5050 Leadership in Sport (3 credits)
  • EDU 5070 Advanced Techniques in Coaching Psychology (3 credits)
  • EDU 5530 Sports Education Leadership Internship (3 credits)
  • EDU 5090 Conflict Resolution (3 credits)
  • EDU 5110 Techniques in Training (3 credits)
  • EXS 5120 * Advanced Principles of OR Training and Conditioning Elective (3 credits)
    *optional, offered only as a winter/J-Term course