Carthage’s product management coursework uniquely focuses on the manufacturing sector. Emerging managers gain the foundational knowledge and credentials needed to expand their career opportunities.

FALL (certificate program)

The following five courses complete the certificate program.
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Data Analytics and Excel Fundamentals

MGT 5500 / 2 credits
This course provides an introduction to data analytics and teaches students how to use Microsoft Excel to analyze data and create visualizations. Students will learn basic and advanced data analysis tools, including pivot tables, functions, and macros, to manipulate and analyze data more efficiently. They will also learn how to apply data analytics skills to real-world scenarios through case studies and class projects. Students will also sit for the Microsoft Excel Certificate exam via CertiPort.
Prerequisites: Acceptance to the master’s degree in Product Management for Manufactured Goods Program.

Principles of Product Management for Manufactured Goods

MGT 5501 / 3 credits
This course provides an overview of product management for manufactured goods, including the basic skills and tools needed to develop, launch, and manage successful products. Students will learn about the product manager’s role and the product development lifecycle, starting from market research and analysis to the creation of a product strategy and roadmap, and finally, the launch of the product. Through case studies and group projects, students will gain hands-on experience in product management and develop the basic skills required for an entry level product management position.

Project Management Fundamentals

MGT 5502 / 3 credits
This course provides an introduction to project management concepts, tools, and techniques for those who are new to the field or have limited experience in managing projects. Students will learn how to define project scope, develop a project plan, allocate resources, monitor project progress, and close out projects as related to product management. The course emphasizes practical application and case studies to demonstrate how project management methodologies can be applied product management. Student will also sit for the PMI Project Management Ready Certificate exam via CertiPort.
Prerequisites: Data Analytics and Excel Fundamentals (MGT 5500)

Product Marketing for Manufactured Goods

MGT 5503 / 3 credits
This course will explore the essential elements of product marketing and equip students with the skills and knowledge required to create effective marketing strategies. The course will cover topics such as market research, customer segmentation, product positioning, pricing, and promotion. Throughout the course, students will engage in case studies and real-world examples to help them understand how these strategies are applied in practice.
Prerequisites: Data Analytics and Excel Fundamentals (MGT 5500)

Engineering & Manufacturing Foundations

MGT 5504 / 3 credits
This course is designed for students to develop their foundational knowledge of engineering and manufacturing processes as it relates to product management of manufactured goods. The course covers topics such as engineering design principles, manufacturing processes, material selection, quality control, supply chain management, cost estimation, prototyping, and production planning. Students will engage in interactive discussions and team-based activities to develop practical skills in working with engineering and manufacturing teams, and guest speakers from industry will share their experiences and insights.
Prerequisites: Data Analytics and Excel Fundamentals (MGT 5500)

Spring (Master’s Program)

The following five courses, in addition to all five courses above, complete the master’s degree.
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Innovative Leadership

MGT 5010 / 3 credits
This course addresses the skills, concepts, and mindset that support leadership in complex, innovative organizations. Topics include self-leadership, critiquing diverse models of leadership, creating vision and strategy, understanding people, power and influence, motivation, and organizational culture. The course begins with creative exercises in leadership style self-assessment and extrapolates these results to leadership in new, innovative organizational structures.

Financial Analysis for Decision Making

MGT 5050 / 3 credits
Students integrate principles of financial accounting and managerial accounting. The financial accounting portion covers the interpretation of financial statements and the basics of transaction analysis. The managerial accounting component covers cost-volume-profit analysis, job costing, activity-based costing, economic value-added, capital budgeting, the balanced scorecard, strategic cost analysis and the potential contribution of these advancements to organizational effectiveness.

Disruptive Innovation

MGT 5120 / 3 credits
This course teaches students how to develop, design and create ideas. Students explore the entrepreneurial mindset, creativity and idea generation, assessing entrepreneurial opportunities. This course focuses on creative and innovative solutions to both business problems and business opportunities.

Advanced Product Management for Manufactured Goods

MGT 5505 / 3 credits
The Advanced Product Management course is a comprehensive program that expands upon the Principles of Product Management course. Its purpose is to provide students with a more extensive understanding of product management, enabling them to excel in product management positions. The course encompasses a broad spectrum of subjects, such as product innovation, portfolio management, best practices from concept to launch, and the gate model.
Prerequisites: Principles of Product Management (MGT 5501)

Design, Innovation, and Sustainability

MGT 5110 / 3 credits
This course focuses on the intersection between design thinking methodologies and opportunity-finding for strategy development. It covers theory and practice related to innovation, complexity, emergence, and principles of systems thinking to address the potential of strategy to drive organizational change and new value propositions. It begins with a review of frameworks for strategy development and explores approaches to engaging stakeholders in that development. Students use logic models and redesign an existing organizational strategy and develop actionable and sustainable plans and strategies.

Strategic Market Analysis

MGT 5030  / 3 credits

This leverages core competencies developed throughout the program to formulate and implement global marketing strategies. A focus on strategic and competitive advantage in managing the global value chain will allow students to promote a unified marketing and management vision. Students will additionally develop an organizational infrastructure capable of solving problems and achieving operational synergies.

Product Management Experience

MGT 5506 / 3 credits
Product Management Experience is a hands-on course that exposes students to the realities of product management through company visits, plant tours, panel discussions, and a final reflection paper. Students gain insight into product management challenges and successes, engage in conversations with experienced product managers, and synthesize their experiences in a final paper. This course provides students with a deeper understanding of product management and a network of contacts in the field.
Prerequisites: Data Analytics and Excel Fundamentals (MGT 5500)